Friday, 2 December 2011

Giving the gift of an Orgasm

This time I'm giving the pleasure andrighting 2 fellow bloggers with my attempts at arousing them. You still have time to join in, I'm posting mine early in hope of encouraging you guys to participate and send them some pictures, naughty thoughts or arousing links.

1st blogger is Jilly

Her blog is

Happy birthday Jilly!

For your gift I have masturbated while thinking of you and what you suggested, I gave myself an orgasm and I recorded my thoughts for you.

As a post I think you will enjoy I want you to read or listen to this but imagine you are Margaret

Love and best birthday wishes my nipple is all yours x

Yummy xxx

Next up is Black Silk Blog, find her at

Happy birthday babes,

A small gift from me to you...

Me, reading your arousing words

A post I think you will enjoy

An image of me with some black silk trying to imitate her blog image!

Have a wonderful birthday

Love and best wishes

Yummy xxxx


  1. The first image is a wonderful and sexy tribute to World AIDS Day, about which we posted a quick but sincere entry at our own blog. The second image is beautiful, and perfectly highlights your curves. And given how we feel about your voice, thank you profusely for gathering links to your Audioboo recordings in one entry. This will make finding and enjoying them easier.

    We can't wait for our respective birthdays! Unfortunately it will be a long wait for each of us, as in order to remain youthful we only have a birthday every couple years.

  2. That audio program is exactly what I needed for our adventures last night. Thanks for posting that. I'll have to use it.