Thursday, 15 December 2011

HNT Christmas tree recycled

This is my Xmas card to you all

You might notice that there are stockings and heels on my tree also :)Every year I add more shoes... can you ever have enough? AMEN!

And as a rule they should be in pairs!

Hope you like your christmas wish...Sorry it's recycled too busy fucking to take new pic :) next weeks HNT theme is to share what gift you would buy 3 bloggers that you are NOT best friends with. Come see if you are one of them :)

And if you missed it I posted a video of YSL fisting me

Go see who else is Half Nekkid at

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt


  1. Maybe you should be punished for recycling the pictures. Yes, I have ideas. ;)

  2. We hadn't seen these before, though if we had we'd be glad to see them again. You certainly have the world's best excuse for not taking a new picture.


  3. Your HNT contributions are VERY sexy! Thanks for sharing!

  4. They are new to me. Very nice and sparkly too. :D

  5. They may be recycled but always sexy!

  6. New to me :)
    And freakin' gorgeous!


    ~Kazi xxx