Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Playing hard

I was meant to be at a Christmas party all night but knew I only needed to quickly show my face. I had one drink, ensured I'd spoken to everyone that counted before I disappeared into the crowd and headed to YSL's.

I got there a little after 8 and was greeted by the open arms of YSL. After making me a hot drink he suggested we took them upstairs and enjoyed our few hours in the comfort of the bedroom.

I headed up while he fixed his drink, as I walked through the bedroom door I nearly choked on my coffee. It was what I wanted but not what I expected.

Laid out on the bed was the flogger, the glass paddle, the riding crop and the leather restraints.

I let out an excitable shriek as YSL joined me in the room, he said he had seen my tweet saying I wanted spanking and cropping and that was what I was going to get. I go to remove my clothes but was immediately chastised and I put them back. He took each wrist and secured them in place, secured by a chain to the ceiling hook.

YSL stripped, his cock already hard, he moved in close and hovered his mouth over mine but not allowing contact, just making me ache.

He slowly traced my body, feeling me through my clothes, I was already turned on but his attention was taking me off the scale.

He stands behind me, dragging his nails down my back through the gap in my dress then leans in to kiss and nibble my neck and back. His hands take hold of my bottom, needing it firmly before lifting my dress and pulling down my leggins and panties, just enough to expose my cheeks.

He steps back and his absence of touch is felt, i watch his every move and his arousal as he slowly and ceremonially unwraps the glass paddle which is to be my first treat of the night.

He stands at the side of me, one hand placed on the small of my back, the other holding the paddle against me, the glass chilling my skin prior to the first strike. I ready myself and the first strike lands, god it was hard. The glass paddle is so unforgiving, such a definite hit, almost a thud as it meets with my flesh. He strike the other cheek and steadies me as I instinctively move away. After another 2 of the paddle, even harder than the first I can feel my flesh heat up. He strikes me twice more and I'm really feeling the hardness of the tool. The conflict of the coolness of the touch as it creates heat with each impact is almost confusing but ever so welcome.
He throws the paddle on the bed and drops to his knees, I close my eyes as he kisses my reddened skin before pulling my cheeks apart and driving his tongue in my arse. I push back for more but he stops, he pushes his hardness instead against my hole and tease me with it. I adore how hard he is, I know this is new territory for him and when we met the S&M preferences I had where not a draw for him but also not a turn off, merely something that had never interested him so to see him this hard was very very rewarding.

He doesn't let me have any more of his cock, he knows I want it but I have to wait. He comments how wet I am, I know, it's so wet I can feel it trickle down my lips.

With the flogger now in hand he starts with the stinging bite of the tips, alternately from gentle to oh my fucking god, making my knees buckle trying to absorb the pain. He pauses and I know he is waiting for me to reposition ready for him. He ups the stakes, harder than I've ever known him to strike me, I feel my entire butt cheek lift and fall with each throw of the flogger. The heat and sting growing, the sensitivity increasing, I pull away and hide myself a moment before he puts me back in place and goes again. The intensity on his face, his eyes, has me dripping all the more, I'm loving the space we are in together, our moods matched, my need to give myself entirely and feel everything against his want to give it to me.

His breath on my skin was bitter sweet as he moved to tease me again. He lapped at my arse before pushing a finger inside then replacing his finger with his cock. He pushed inside for only a moment before pulling out and moving in front of me. YSL grasps each breast firmly and pulls it over the top of my bra and dress. He sucks my nipples and ensures they are fully erect and hard, not for my pleasure but for the cropping they are about to get.

YSL playfully teases me with the crop, dragging it over my breasts neck and face. I want to close my eyes as the anticipation of the first strike is too much but as soon as I close them I realise I need to see it. We lock eyes, the ferocity and want in his eyes is palpable, he strikes me, I draw breath sharply and bite down as I feel the hardest cropping I've ever had. I keep eye contact and await the next. A stream of hard biting crops rain down on me. It's at my upper most limit, if not over, but I want it, I want to feel this much.

He whispers how well I'm doing and tells me my bottom is next, I shudder at the thought of such a hard cropping on my already red and tender flesh. I now don't know if it's harder than ever or just where I am mentally and the flogging and paddling making it feel so overwhelming and electrifying. After a crescendo of even harder strikes he tells my I have 2 more, just knowing that makes them even more revered. He takes his time, the first is too much, it's perfect. I'm groaning with the pain and delight of it. The anticipation of next keeps me in that state, it already hurts before he has even lifted the crop. I bite down and yelp as it lands, my knees buckling and trembling as the intensity rippled through me.

YSL holds me close as I shudder.

He bends down and slowly removes my leggings and panties, he gasps and smiles when he feels how soaked they are. He stands and offers them to me to suck and inhale my scent as I taste them he roughly crams them into my mouth to gag me, he takes hold of my swollen clit with his thumb and forefinger and wanks me hard. I can't pull away as he holds me so firmly. My body betrays me, I'm soaked and he knows I'm loving every moment of being taken this hard. I cum over his hand and he continues to manipulate my clit and wriggle in his arms, wanting him to stop, never.

My cunt is aching for him, he unties my wrists and strips me naked.

He tells me to lie on the bed, I'm expecting him to hold me. He leans forward, kisses me then parts my thighs and begins drinking my juices as he licks at my engorged clit. He slips fingers into me and massages my gspot while passionately devouring my cunt until I cum all over his face.

YSL's face is glistening in my juices as he returns to be by my side, kissing me passionately and pulling me close while I'm in a helpless state of euphoria.

Twice I've left the Hitachi in the car and those 2 times YSL has suggested we plug it in! We laugh at the sods law in play but he clearly has a plan so he slips on some shorts and grabs it from the car.

He returns and plugs it in, he sits at the top of the bed and asks me to lie before him and expose my cunt to him.

My legs over his, he pulls me closer so my cunt is pressing against his hard cock and balls. I hold open my lips and he rubs his open hand through my soaked slit.

He takes his cock and rubs it over my clit, the firm but fleshy pressure is driving my mad with the urgency to have him inside me.

He pushes his cock firmly inside and takes hold of the Hitachi, the head of it pressed against my exposed clit and he turns it on. It makes me writhe, his hardness inside me, lay there do exposed, the whole night I have been totally his to affectionately abuse and force to have pleasure, it almost hurts, the surges of the vibration through my hard and pouting clit. I can feel such a strong orgasm building, it's almost like its going to burst out of me if I don't let go. I feel my cunt grab his cock as I cum, he switches of the Hitachi and holds my thighs as I try to recover. He takes his cock out, I feel my juices escape now his cock isnt damming up my cunt. As YSL wanks himself I hold open my lips again and ask for his cum, the soothing warmth as it shoots over my tummy and cunt Is like no other.

I do my Cinderella routine, I need to be home in good time, I dress and we say our good byes. As I step out into the cold and my breasts tighten the reminder of the cropping makes me smile, coupled with the bitter sweet of the cold leather seats on my tender bottom, I was a very satisfied lady.


  1. What a beautifully erotic evening. My cock is hard just reading about it.

  2. Wow, so turned on reading that and thinking about the husband doing that to me. You said that YSL wasn't sure about the pain stuff at first... where did he learn to spank so effectively? I'd like for the husband to get more comfortable with it.

  3. The only thing more arousing than pictures of your and YSL's adventures is a well-written account of them. Actually, we think both are equally arousing.

  4. WOW. I'm just blown away, what a brilliantly intense experience! The marks are beautiful...

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. Really superhot! Wish I had such extensive tools ;)

  6. Goodness, you have got me all flustered. xx

  7. What an incredible tale to come home and unwind to, super sexy and the pictures push it over the top!