Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sinful Sunday - giving and sharing

A slight change of plans, we were now free for the night so we messaged a few couples and singles to see if they wanted to meet.

The short list was down to 2 couples and a single guy that floated our boat. We discounted one couple as they were an hour away and the other hasn't replied. It was getting late and I climbed into a steaming hot bath while YSL finished off our swinging admin. Whilst undressing he had lit candles and put on music. I was mentally drifting away when YSL walked back in the room. We were meeting a single male.

I have a fantasy, we have done it once before but not fully, not with me fully at ease.

I want YSL to invite another man to fuck me while he holds me, caresses me, lets me know how loved I am by him through his touch.

I dress and do my hair, slip on a classy work dress and riding boots.
We arrive at the bar, it's empty except the bar man and his friend. We buy drinks and wait. A tall athletic man appeared, not as attractive as I'd hoped but certainly not a deal breaker. Conversation was full, intellectual if not borderline geeky. I was playful and cheeky, it seemed to break the ice and we retired to his room at the adjoining hotel.

No anal sex given and he's orally bi are his boundaries, ours are safe sex and everything else a go!

I sat back on the bed and YSL unzipped my riding boots, helped remove my dress and told me to lie down. My clit throbbed and ached with the excitement of what was about to happen.

YSL stripped to his shorts and sat on my right, leaning in to kiss me with such passion, I reached and took his cock in my hand, it was already thickening. I dragged his cock closer and urged him forward so I could suck him whilst our host sucked on my breasts. I reach to his crotch and found an ample erection waiting for me.

Our host teased me cunt with a delicate and pleasing display of his skills, my first climax ripped through me as I held both cocks and I smiled at YSL as I felt his ongoing approval of me being centre of attention.

Our host sat back and I took his cock in my mouth, the size, taste and hardness all extremely pleasuring for me, I flash a look at YSL who was sat watching and stroking his own cock and invite him to join me sucking our hosts cock without saying a word. Before he joined me YSL pulled my arse cheeks apart and delves his tongue inside, licking and teasing at my holes whilst I enjoyed the strangers cock, I was in raptures.

YSL took firmly hold of the cock that I was sucking and took it from my mouth and we kissed each other before adding the cock into the mix.

We took turns snatching the cock off each other, both hungrily sucking and licking whilst in command. Our host looked near climax and I wanted my moment so I ditched to sucking YSL and again without saying anything I invite our host with my eyes to join me but he doesn't pick up on the signals other than to say I had a naughty glint in my eyes.

I turn so that me head is lay on YSL's lap, his hard cock pressed against a my cheek, our eyes expressing pleasure and enjoyment whilst the host puts on a condom. I had hoped for oral from him but looks like thats off the menu tonight. That awkward moment where the guy can't find my hole was here "further back" I say as he stabs around "further, no further" he's inside and it feels good as he fucks me slowly and YSL holds me.

He's was biting his lip and pausing, clearly ready to cum, I was close but not there yet. "Biting your lip isn't going to help, try just fucking me hard" I spit out with such confidence. He starts pounding me harder and YSL takes me nipples in his thumb and forefinger to squeeze hard. It tips me over the edge just in time for the performance to finish. As he slips out and retires to the bathroom YSL moves between my thighs and slips his cock in, fucking me hard and deep sending my juices spraying with each slap of his balls against me making me surge quickly towards another orgasm.

Our host looked spent and we still had plenty fucking to do, also his concern for his bedding seamed to be growing with each wet thrust and we decide to head home to finish our evening properly and in our own time. I was also ready to be alone with YSL, I wanted to talk about the highly erotic high points while still fucking.

Go see who else played...

Sinful Sunday

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  1. Sounds as though YSL was very in touch with your desires that night.

  2. Concern for his wet bedding?? Sheesh... other than that sounds like a great time!

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Sounds like a hot date, but indeed, his concern for his wet bedding would have been a turn off for me too!

    Rebel xox

  4. Not usually a fan of BJ pics, but this one is incredible. I'm not sure why, but I think the hair dangling over the cock is really rather fetching.

  5. This is a favorite activity of mine, with my lover and his mate of tell this so well...enjoyed reading about another experience of this.

    (I echo others re the bedding!!!)

    xx Simone

  6. Thanks for sharing such an erotic piece and great photo. The only thing that threw me off was "Our host sat back and I took his clock in my mouth" as for a moment I was imagining a pocket watch X)

  7. What a night you had and a surprise one too. I admit to being slightly envious


  8. You obviously had a great night

    Maggi xxx

  9. I'm very jealous. A threesome with me and two other men is one of my biggest fantasies and I have yet to experience it. :)

  10. Mmmm mmf, very tasty! We're curious about this sort of scenario, and ffm too - it sounds thrilling

    O x

  11. You told that so well it was like I was watching.
    Great stuff.

  12. Oh me want so bad!!! Wet bedding WTF!!!! Wonderful pic too so horny and sexy!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  13. Oh me want so bad!! Wet bedding....WTF!!!! Gorgeous pic too so horny and sexy!!

    ~Mia~ xx

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  15. A very enticing photo with a very steamy story! Wet bedding should be par for the course with hot times, I'd think.