Thursday, 18 February 2016

Cap d'Agde - Day Six - More Beach Sex

After such a relaxing and sensual evening at 2et2, we are feeling fully refreshed and looking forward to another great day in Cap d’Agde. As always, the day starts with cuddles and kisses, the shutter goes up and the bright sunshine and heat streams into the apartment. 

We are hungry this morning so as always it is a little walk through the archway under Heliopolis to collect baked goods from the boulangerie and
we pick up a little bit of salad and fruit from the little supermarket in the shopping centre.

As you can see, you can also find melons there too!!!

Back for a delicious breakfast, sandwiches made, beers in the cool bag and all we need to do is add the CGear mat and umbrella and we are all ready for our walk down to the beach.
We are earlier than usual, so by normal standards it is fairly quiet in the swingers section, so at the moment it is just naked couples enjoying the sun with the odd few single guys reading books or just relaxing in the heat.
Over the course of the next couple of hours, the beach fills up and as always, the atmosphere is one of good humour, with a little sexual teasing, masturbation and fellatio. We would wish to be the odd ones out, so I spoon with Yummy, enter her and we slowly fuck whilst taking in the sexually charged surroundings. Yummy cums quietly a couple of times whilst I fill her and need to feel that release too so following her encouragement I orgasm inside her and enjoy feeling my silky, warm cum flow back over my cock as I remain inside her. The cum leaks back and starts dripping from her lips and I can feel it then drip onto my thigh. Such a delightful feeling in this warm weather as it doesn’t cool on me and we can really feel that moisture and lubrication between us that is a mixture of our juices covering Yummy’s bottom, arsehole and cunt and my cock, balls and surrounding area.

I eventually slip out of Yummy’s cunt, we look down and my cock is just shimmering with glossy juices under the sunlight.

The afternoon moves along in a very agreeable way. A dip in the sea, a couple of ice creams from our local vendors, mutual masturbation and of course the delights of watching those around us engage in sexual activities.

The metaphorical 4pm swinging bell has clearly been rung as there is now a ramp up in overt sexual acts around us. Couples, groups, some with the circle of spectators around them and others who are doing equally hot things being completely left along and almost ignored. We have never really understood what draws a crowd as we have seen some relatively uninteresting sex that has hordes flocking, whilst some very erotic things do not seem to even register a flicker of interest. It’s odd. But then again, I guess it’s also odd that we could manage to describe overt sex on a public beach as ‘uninteresting’!!!! Guess it’s what you get used to in your life ;-) 

The sex continues on around us, but the sun is going down and numbers are starting to dwindle so we pack up and head back along the beach to the apartment and look forward to another great night that we have planned.

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