Tuesday, 9 February 2016

TMI Tuesday - Love is in the Air

1. List 3 benefits of living with your significant other.
With not having ever lived with anyone, I can list endless benefits of living without your significant other, but here are three of them:

  1. No issues about bringing lovers back home
  2. Your lover is free to come around whenever she wishes
  3. You can set aside a spare room and fill it with sex toys

2. Have you ever reunited with a past lover and begun a relationship? Was the latest relationship as friends or lovers?
Nope, never happened to me. I don’t even remain in contact with past lovers. 

3. Do you think someone is more sexy if they regularly read books or work out regularly at a gym?
Not at all as having a compatible personality and being a larger lady are the only two ‘deal breakers’ with me. If you read a book or go to gym regularly, great, tell me all about it and how it was, but more sexy?, not that I’ve experienced.

4. How likely do you think it is that your marriage will end in divorce?
I’m not married, don’t intend to be and have never regretted it even though I have had a few opportunities to enter into this situation, which I have politely declined, which then leads us back to question 2.

5. Who has more power in your love or romantic relationship–you or your partner?
In all of my relationships I have always consciously tried to make all things an equal partnership rather than having a dominant person within it that holds power or dictates terms to the other. I never wish for either one of us to become needy or to be somehow locked in to a relationship that is disadvantageous to them in some way. I would always want someone to be with me because they are attracted to me, are comfortable and at ease with me and they have the knowledge that should they wish to no longer be with me that they can without any difficulties from me.

Bonus: Describe the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had.
I have never really seen Valentine’s Day as an important marker in the calendar as I think that it is more important to show your appreciation and affection for your partner every time you see them every day of the year rather than to go overboard or through a socially mandated ritual once a year.


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