Friday, 12 February 2016

Fabswingers - Just for the Lolz

We love the website Fabswingers , and of course, so we should as it was through this site that me and Yummy met but of course as you would expect when there are low barriers to entry, i.e. all you need is an internet connection of some form, there can be some people on there who.....shall we say....are lacking in skills, social or otherwise.

There are no shortage of clemidiots on there who blame the site because they aren't getting any when perhaps a mirror might be a helpful guide to provide more insight into this section of their life and of course there are those who shout and announce to the world they they are deleting their account when their low cost membership period expires (oh, boo hoo, please don't go, we'll all miss you and regret ignoring you when we should have paid more attention to you), so just as an insight as to what you can recieve through the mailing service as an example of 'ewh, NO!!!' , we present the message below. By no means the worst example we have ever received, but worthy of the hall of fame shame.

We've removed all identifers from the message and just for context, this was received unsolicited from a user that we hadn't even come across previously.

For those who would be interested in this kind offer, get in touch and we'll put you together with this delighful gentleman.

Anyway, as above, we genuinely do love Fabswingers it really is the best site for swinging in the UK and as long as you use the site as a reasonable adult would and have patience along with the ability to smile at those with lesser social skills, you'll love it too.

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