Monday, 22 February 2016

Cap d’Agde – Day Seven – Final day at the Beach - Bonus Video

Our final full day in France and as always we are going to make the most of it.

We commence in the usual way with cuddles and kisses, shutters up and then the walk to the boulangerie. Breakfast done, packed lunch prepared and we are off to the beach.

We have a relatively early set off at 11:30am and arrive at the swinging section of the beach to find it as expected, reasonably quiet with plenty of choice as to where we shall pitch for the day. We opt for a back section near the dunes so that we can be seawards facing and not miss any of the forthcoming excitements. Under the midday sun, the mat is laid out, the brolly up and we set about enjoying our first beer of the day. Ahhh, nothing beats sucking on an ice cold 33cl bottle of Kronenbourg at lunchtime whilst nude on a public beach, feeling the sun beating down whilst watching an array of completely naked people lying down or just strolling around.

A couple of hours go pleasantly by and the beach steadily gets busier and we enjoy the additions that pass by us and set up around us.

As the number of people on the beach starts to stabilise and the afternoon progresses, we enjoy the usual scenes of erotica around us and of course we indulge in each other to. We kiss deeply, I lie down at 90 degrees to Yummy’s body, put my head between her thighs and in a position that is comfortable for both of us (in a similar style to the image below) I spend a good hour or so simply licking her wonderfully aroused cunt and clit whilst also drinking her delightful juices that are being poured out just for me to enjoy. During this, Yummy occasionally
reaches out and wanks my rigid cock. I need to come, so I swap my face for my cock and it goes so easily into Yummy from the rear. Immediately my cock is covered in her cunt juice and at first I love to feel it all over the back of her thighs from where it has been running down as I have been licking her, however, quickly, more and more juice comes pouring out of that cunt and it is all over us. All over my groin, the front of my thighs, her arsehole and running down her thighs and arse cheeks. It is just a lake of wetness around her cunt that is constantly pouring. We can hear it with every movement that I make into her and the splashing is just heightened by my balls being so loose in this heat and the way that they are swinging against her thighs and cunt. Yummy is in the throes of multiple orgasms and I know that I want to add to the tide of juices by adding my hot cum to them in her cunt. I fuck her hard, my balls deliciously swinging against her enhancing the sensations for both of us. I can feel it coming and there is no way that I am going to reduce the pace and the firmness with which I am fucking her. I then feel that switch in me where I haven’t actually cum yet, but I know that I have reached the point of no return and no matter what happens, hot cum with will be ejaculated from this raging erection. I hold it back for as long as I can to saviour the feeling. I don’t know how long it is, perhaps 5 or maybes even 10 seconds, but it feels heavenly and then the release that we have both been waiting for. Yummy immediately reacts as she feels the first hot, thick jet of cum shot into her and it is quickly followed by another four or five. I feel the relief from cumming and the difference in lubrication around my cock. It has gone from a fairly thin consistency to the glossy thickness that adding my cum produces. A very luxurious feeling and I enjoy keeping my hardness in her cunt and savouring all that Yummy has produced between us as my body is pressed up behind her with my hips still pushed into her plush arse cheeks as firmly as I can.
Eventually we release, we look at each other, beaming faces from both of us and we both have soaked, very wet genitals….and surrounding areas. As delightful as this is at the moment, the sun will dry it and it will become less pleasant shortly, so we agree that a last play in the sea would be just what is required.

We pick our way through the throngs of couples and groups, lying, watching and playing, past the ice cream vendors, over the small amount of pebbles and shells, then it is into the sea. The sea always feels cool, so the only way to do this is to be brave and dive in. We do so and look back at the beach. It is full and busy. But it is also busy in the sea with three circles of men in sections. Clearly a lady at the centre of each with the task of masturbating and sucking those who gather.

We play, wrapped up in each other for about half an hour, we even see shoals of little fish around us at points and then we head back to our beach

We quickly dry in the sun whilst taking in the erotica around us and all too soon the sun starts to dip down and we decide it is time to head back to the apartment as we still have a full night of partying ahead of us.

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