Saturday, 10 May 2014

Small cocks

Apologies blog following peeps.

Life has been busy, all good stuff mainly but it's meant I haven't had much time alone to write.

I'm still up to mischief, just adjusting to our new routine of only seeing each other for an hour or so on a Saturday.

Last weekend though we did manage to get away, we met up in Birmingham and had 2 nights together. The first night we enjoyed each other, nothing kinky or unusual, just closeness and making love. Just curling up in his arms and him kissing me is perfection and what I miss the most so I made up for it that night.

We spent most of Saturday in bed enjoying each other and having my arse thoroughly fucked. After a brief rest and a swim we then headed to Chameleons Club for a night of group sex. It was a couples only night and it seemed a good crowd in, this club never seems to disappoint.

We needed up enjoying 2 group scenarios but I got a crap exchange both times! The first dude went down on me and I must say he gave amazing oral but when I went to reciprocate I was horified!! My clit was bigger that his flaccid cock and after cock CPR I managed to get it to almost as big as my thumb!!! Add to that as soon as I got him hard he was wanting to cum!!

The second time YSL was enjoying the lady and her partner snapped on a condom ready to fuck me and from the angle I was at and in the dimly lit room he looked reasonable but then apparently he was inside me? Hmm either I had a numb vagina or he also had a small cock. YSL inspected his cock closely... He was bisexual so the boys had some oral fun and YSL confirmed he was lacking in inches.

Bring on next BBW night, it seems to bring out the the BBC's!! 

Hoping to get back blogging again, sorry I've been neglecting you x