Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Cap D'Agde Club review - Clair Obscur

Clair Obscur

8:00pm - 02:00am (Opening days vary according to season)

This is a fetish/BDSM club that is located in Port Ambonne

We have visited this club once every year on our three trips to Cap and it has always been a pleasure and an eye opener.

The dress code is very strict for this club and YSL was turned away on the first year for the crime of wearing a white shirt. To remedy this issue, he had to buy a black shirt to match his black jeans and boots. The dress code is, either all black, or fetishwear, not standard sexual wear. It is also a couples only club and we have seen a number of single guys turned away.

Once you have passed the dress test with the guy on the door, he opens it and you enter into a very small area for paying your entrance. Entrance for couples is €55 with two drinks and they also have a complimentary buffet available all night. After payment, you pass through the heavy red velvet curtain and you enter the club itself.

To the left is the bar and a drinking area and further through that way is another dining area along with the buffet. To the right and all of the way up a corridor, there are a number of fetish rooms and at the top of the corridor is a larger room that contains more fetish equipment.

The side rooms have equipment such as St Andrews crosses and a wooden horse (complete with a variety of different sized wooden dildos to ride on) and in the large top room there is a medical table, enema equipment, a wheel, a cage that rises, swing, prison cages and a small mezzanine for pets who have been naughty.

You can take your own equipment, as many do, and there is also a very amply stocked range of paddles and whips at the side of the bar to select from.

The music is a constant drone of gothic style that provides good atmosphere and goes very well with the clientele, the majority of which are clearly enthusiasts in the scene and in no way 'mere tourists' gawping at what this BDSM business might be all about.

Nothing is too outlandish or outrageous in this club and everyone is made to feel welcome, whatever their fetish and nobody laughs at them or makes them feel foolish. Every time we have visited we have seen a number of woman crawling on the floor after their master and eating food from their dog bowl, we have also seen a guy being very heavily fisted, a sissy made to expose himself to the room, an elderly couple enjoying caning and a D/s couple where he was whipping her and drawing blood!!!

The Madam who runs the club clearly takes the lifestyle very seriously and it is a place for people who are either in the lifestyle or can appreciate it and it is most certainly not your average holidaymaker club.

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