Wednesday 29 August 2012

Cap D'Agde - summary!

Pre holiday we met up with the guys from for lunch and an afternoon chilling. I must say they are even nicer than I already thought and their warehouse... OMG! We were like kids it the biggest well stocked sweet shop!!

Flights and transfers went to plan but it seemed like we had been waiting in a queue for days so when we got to the apartment and got organised the relief was huge. Stripping off and just being naked felt like a weight lifted.

We partied most nights and the nights we didn't we went to the spa which was welcomed relaxation whilst still sexually thrilling.

Throughout the week there were many highlights, funny moments and romance, just as last year I will write it up and share the details.

I felt quite reflective and at moments grief struck me, it was the first time I've really stopped and spent time for myself since Mum died and the funeral but YSL as ever was amazing, hugs on tap and just being there when I needed him.

To tease you with what's to come...

Our visit to Le Glamour and the stranger on the floor
Sex on the beach
Pingu butt plug MIA
The Irish man that yodelled when he came
Tied to a cross and left in the single male section
Naked foam party
Licking female model on the dance floor

And we took lots of pics!

Yet again I feel the holiday has brought me and YSL even closer together. The comfort and confidence I felt all week in 'us' was just what I needed, I feel uplifted, loved and appreciated by him. I adore him, he gives me so much emotionally, physically as well as indulging me with the holiday itself. He means so much to me, words fail me to describe fully the depth of my love and want for him. To quote one of my favourite Idiom's 'my cup runneth over'.

Yummy xx

Sunday 26 August 2012

Sinful Sunday - hot stuff!

Just back from our trip to the swingers resort of Cap D'Agde, it's been the most amazing week, so different from last year.

I'm feeling uplifted, loved and thoroughly chilled as well as thrilled by the sexual adventure I will be sharing all the details in the next few weeks.

This pic was taken last Sunday night after a thorough cropping, paddling and whipping at the BDSM club. YSL treated my tender bottom to a little after care before a thorough fucking.

Sinful Sunday

Friday 17 August 2012

Sinful Sunday - the Attack of the 50ft Woman

When I was walking along the beach (pre holiday) as my shadow was thrown tall across the sand it reminded me YSL always jokes that he tamed the 50ft woman (check out the film).

I'm sure Cap D'Agde will be thinking it's the 50ft woman as I'm armed with 5" heels for some of the nights, putting me at a lofty 6ft 5!

I love to go to the beach to think and get my head together and it worked just great. By the time I stepped off the sand I had a smile on my face and a bounce in my step.

I'm ready for the holiday of a life time!

Sinful Sunday

Thursday 16 August 2012

The Naughty Hangout - Faded

Went to the beach today for some time to myself and got busy with the camera.

My foot print - faded...

And another cheeky image! More of these on Sunday :)

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Head exploding

Seriously my head is going to explode!

Too much going on here and I haven't seen YSL for a week therefore missing him like crazy and of course sexually frustrated. Not even able to stealth masturbate as one of the kids is in the marital bedroom this week!

In-laws are staying at the minute and being tooooo helpful, the reorganising of my kitchen cupboards was a step too far.They mean well and I'm trying to be patient but right now I'd rather the space to breathe and think instead I'm cooking for 7 and feeling stifled by all the pity driven attention.

I'm pretty much packed now, the wonderful corset was collected today and I'm blown away with its beauty and outstanding workmanship. Pics on their way soon I promise.

Hopefully grabbing coffee with the guys from Sex Shop 365 before we fly which I'm excited about finally meeting them as they've been great supporters of my blog since it started back in 2010.

Flights leave early the next morning, the resort is only 15mins from the airport by taxis and when we get there the apartment won't be ready but we will put the time to good use buying supplies.

Last year I was petrified about being naked, i remember almost shaking as we entered the resort but this time I'm excited for the liberation.

The biggest thing I'm looking forward to is the closeness and uninterrupted intimacy with YSL. I've never needed him more than now, he has been great all through the loss of Mum and really listen to me when I've needed to talk.

We've got a few lose plans for the week, we definitely want to go to Le Glamour again, we had such an amazing time the last trip. If you click on the link to go to the website theres a great pic gallery, 360 degree tour and links to the music mix which is fantastic!!

Also we are looking forward to Clair Obscure the BDSM club. Since last year we have explored so much more of this together, in fact last September was the first time YSL used a crop on me at that very club. I'm sure the Spa 1 on 1 will feature as we have such an intimate and special time there last year, we went there the day YSL said he loved me.

We are more 'in season' this visit, last year we went on the final week and whilst it was busy apparently it will be even busier in the clubs next week which should make for a great atmosphere.

The beach was a source of do much physical and visual pleasure last year and I'm sure this year it will be the same. Lay soaking up the sun while slowly making love and if course every now and then putting on a show!!

Subject to my phone signal I plan to post a couple of times so do pop on to check what I'm up to. I will post a few pics as and when possible.


Saturday 11 August 2012

Sinful Sunday - this time next week

I've survived the hardest week of my life so far, tears still keep appearing but with a fond memory and a smile.

I'm looking forward now, I've spent the last 10 days bring there and strong for everyone else it's my turn to look after myself. Spending a week in the embrace of YSL, indulging in carnal pleasures and enjoying a sexual adventure greater than many can ever imagine seems perfect.

I'm so excited!! our trip last year to Europe's biggest swingers or exchangist (as they say in France) resort is documented in words, pics and videos here CAP D'AGDE

I've never shared 2 of these pics before, last year I was still to conscious people would think I'm fat and unattractive. These days I'm so sure I'm the love of YSL, how much he finds me attractive and how supportive and accepting me for who I am of you guys... Here I am x
Sinful Sunday

Monday 6 August 2012

TMI - what's the question

We have provided the answer, now you provide the question. For example:

Answer (given): 28 marbles. Question (you the blogger create): How many did she fit in her vagina?

1. Answer: My butt.

What was fucked the hardest today?

2. Answer: stiletto black leather pumps

What did you wear on your feet today?

3. Answer: hard and stiff

How did YSL's cock feel in both holes today?

4. Answer: “By George I think he’s got it!”

Are all your questions about today?

5. Answer: socks

What did you not wear today?

6. Answer: hole in the wall

Where did you want to tell your to go shove his head today?


Answer: I hid them there so you wouldn’t find them.

Will you complete this one for me? I'm tired, funeral took more from me than I had to give but I do feel better for it being over.

I grabbed an hour with YSL, he pleasures me so much. I could feel the stress of the day seep away with each orgasm. He had me in such a state, at one point he was fucking my arse, fisting me while holding the hitachi on my clit!!! I went through the roof as I climaxed.

If you like my blog and think its worthy please stop by here and nominate it for the 2012 top 100 sex blogs. It means a lot to make such s list. Thank you xx

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Swing in Paris - part 2

Part 1 is here is you need to catch up Swinging in Paris

The day was spent sight seeing again but at a slower pace, taking in Notre Dame cathedral and more of the Louvre.

Back at the hotel I showered and joined YSL in bed for an afternoon nap. Too aroused to sleep I slowly masturbated, YSL reached his hands between my thighs and took over, his fingers know my clit and cunt so well he has me shuddering in minutes. I reach out to find his cock hard for me and I start to masturbate him, my hand firmly gripping him. As he got closer to cumming he took over and roughly pushed me over onto my front, one hand parted my arse cheeks and the tip of his cock could be felt grazing my hole with each stroke. I felt the pressure against my hole increase until his cock tip pushed inside of me in time with YSL climaxing and spilling his cum inside me. Using my hole solely to deposit his seed, it turns me on so much and YSL knows it, he parted my thighs and gave my clit more attention before spanking my cunt hard. Each spank sent my juices spray over both of us. Before long YSL was hard again and offered his cock to my mouth, I sucked on it hungrily before he snatched it from me flipped my over on my back again, forcing my legs apart and masturbating himself as he gazed upon me until he was about to cum. This time he thrust his cock in even deeper, as his cock was gripped by my anus he immediately came again inside me, I felt thoroughly used and highly aroused.

Dressed in a black off the shoulder dress, her swepted up and an arse full of cum we headed out. A restaurant had caught our eye earlier and we headed there before re attempting admittance to Le Chandelles.

Dinner was exquisite, possibly the best restaurant I have ever been too, the atmosphere was electric, the decor French and resplendent, the food divine and indulgent. Much romance and debate was enjoyed with dinner and potential plans for a return trip to Cap D'Agde discussed.

Les Chandelles was only 2 streets away so we sauntered slowly to digest our food. I took a deep breath before entering the unmarked black door to be judged again. It seemed to take forever for anyone to come to the door, I knew the camera was on us so I kept the tummy sucked in and best sultry smile on my face.

A small man, well dressed, peered through a gap in the door. After establishing English was our preferred language we were told "private party tonight". His tone was not as kind as the night previous, perhaps lost in translation but certainly not 'sent away with love' as the website states will happen.

Disappointed but again we had a back up plan. Paris has a plethora of clubs and we had a map with them on. The closest one was closed but we jumped in a taxis and headed to Pegale district, passing Moulin Rouge and many other sights. We kept the taxis waiting as I knocked on the door, the handsome doorman beckon us inside.

Inside Chateau Des Lys he explained it was quiet, it looked good and felt a relaxed atmosphere inside so we paid our entry and enjoyed our complimentary champagne. The downstairs area was well decorated just like any normal quality nightclub.

Another couple sat opposite us on the dance floor, she looked aroused and in the mood whilst he seemed nervous.

A few people had been spotted by us going upstairs whilst we had our drinks, we returned our glasses to the bar and followed suit. Upstairs the room was almost like a roman themed garden. The large beds screened off partially with trellis and vines. To our right a couple and a single guy played what looked like a sensual tug of war, the woman swaying between the men and taking turns kissing each of them as the pleasured her.

The large bed centre of the room is where we set up camp. YSL told me to bend over. He slowly lifted my dress and exposed my arse and cunt. He dropped to his knees and buried his tongue in my cunt, lapping at my hole until my legs started to quiver.

YSL stripped himself and remove my dress then lay before me, his cock already hard and ready for my mouth. I slowly enjoyed savouring every inch of his swollen cock knowing as I was bent over my cunt was on show for all to see.

I gasped as an unnamed hand trailed across my cheeks and dipped into my cunt briefly as he walked passed. I continued sucking YSL as the stranger walked by. A few minutes later I felt a mouth on my cunt, tasting and exploring me, I glanced up at YSL and he smiled back at me knowing what pleasure I was feeling. The strangers fingers pushed inside me and he clit rubbed firmly until I came, holding on to YSL's cock to steady myself, the stranger departed and YSL invited me to lie back on the bed and started to fuck me, harder and fast.

Another stranger, a guy well dressed, early 40's and good at speaking english joined us on the bed. With a nod from YSL I took the strangers cock in my hand at first then in my mouth. The thought of having 2 cocks in such a way sent me head first into and climax, my hole body was alight with arousal.

The stranger wanted to fuck me but the use of a condom was not conducive to him keeping hard so I invited him to fuck my mouth whilst YSL fucked my cunt again. As he neared climax I took hold of his cock and gripped him hard, wanking him until he sprayed my breasts with his cum.

We explored a little more of the club, the back stairs had a woman being gang banged on them which was arousing to see but it was getting late and we needed to be at the airport early for our flights to London.

Still aroused we fucked for another hour or so back at the hotel, my body was aching for more. We fell asleep together at about 3am after the long and busy day, the alarm was set for 6:45 but I woke with YSL wanking himself against my arse cheeks, I reached round and held them apart and felt the electric shock of arousal shoot through me as he pushed inside me again, purely to use my arse for his cum, my gift to carry on the flight to our next destination London.

The pictures are of me in the restaurant and the 2nd time he filled my arse full of cum

Sunday 5 August 2012

Sinful Sunday - Tears

Tired of crying and still the funeral to go, I'm aching for YSL, it's been almost a week since I saw him.

I need him to take me hard, make me beg for his tears of pre cum. I want to feel so totally his and not have a moment for any other thought but him.

Sinful Sunday

Saturday 4 August 2012

2012 sex bloggers list

Last year I was lucky enough to make Rori's list of Top Sex Bloggers, thanks to your nominations.

I would love the blog to feature again but that's down to you.

If you do like the blog, or any others for that matter click on the link below and submit your nominations.

It means a lot for us bloggers to get recognition do even if you normally lurk quietly please to a minute to vote.



Friday 3 August 2012

This time in 2 weeks

This time in 2 weeks we will be already on our way, I'm really looking forward to it.

YSL said I could cancel if I needed too, if I felt it too early after the funeral but right now I know it's what I need, time to be myself. Right now I'm having to be everything for everyone else, it's draining but needed and it will make my escape to Cap D'Agde with YSL all the more rewarding.

The Deviant Seammistress is making a corset for the trip and a white, naughty, goddess dress for a white party we are going to at Le Glamour.

As a side note...
When I logged it to post I noticed this is my 800th post! And looks like this month the blog will hit 500,000 visitors! As ever thanks for coming to visit me in my corner of the universe, blogging has brought me so many good friends and I'm so grateful for you all including those that lurk quietly xxx