Thursday 30 December 2010

HNT The pick of the year

This HNT we are to post our favourite HNT of the year, I cant decide so here are my Fav 3 posts, tell me which you prefered... or if there was another?

12th May 2010
I did promise the pic of the shoes....

and yes it speaks volumes... I'm switch x

Whats your preference?? are you sub dom or like me depends on the mood??

14th April 2010

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~READ FIRST THEN CLICK ON THE PICTURE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I had been at the lovers for a few days and got back home the day this had been taken. I was still so horny but only because Id been indulge like a spoilt child for days sexually. We had bought loads of toys at the sex shop prior to me staying over one had been a clit clamp. We hadn't got around to using it and the idea popped into my head to put it on and try it. Then send a pic to M. I entered this full of enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoyed the feel of it, how it held my clit so proud. The door bell went and i quickly threw on my dressing gown and went to answer the door. It was my parents! they were passing and fancied a coffee and knew i was home alone and thought I'd appreciate the company!!! They stayed for an hour by then my clit was ready to explode. It had swollen and the clamp was stuck. I called M and he couldn't speak for laughing and calling me a dirty greedy bitch! Harsh but fair.

After some baby oil and ice being applied I managed to ease it off in the end. My clit felt so wonderful for days after :-) (click to see)

19th of May 2010

Happy birthday Osbasso and HNT!

In case you have been hidden under a large stone this week we are celebrating HNT's birthday and the theme is to post your origional past and a remake... just finished the remake and read tomorrow how naughty it got... tut tut that naughty naughty therapist!

I have posted below the story of the first HNT pic, it was such an amazing night, it was the night I found the real me.

The Old...

The New...

Yes I'm a wanker, always found myself needing to cum almost everyday if not more than once. The husband lost interest in sex when we had the kids, yes sounds like reverse roles. I've done everything from the naughty undies, the sending sexy messages, letting him catch me play, but nothing, told me he would put kettle and asked would i be long!!! Is he gay or am I ugly was my 2 worries, then is he having an affair. Well maybe all???

I can tick off ugly and gay abut the affair still is my favourite, but maybe he just got old and i didn't notice.

So to save my sanity and to prolong the family unit staying together I decided to embark on an affair. I armed myself with several glasses of wine and a laptop and entered I want an affair into google. Wow its was an eye opener.I had no idea how may people where in the same family trap as me. I joined an upmarket site that was for married professionals. I met some great men but after lunch they wanted dinner and after dinner they want theatre.... as they say... you had me at hello and I can ill afford the extra calories.

By the time you got to the theatre there was talk of love and long lasting relationships..... all well and good but these guys hadn't had sex with there wives in years and were more lacking in sexual finesse than a stick. and lets face it they have to be able to kiss.

So i decided to move down market, a friend I met on the afore mentioned site recommended a book and swinging, butcher baker candle stick maker, it was a good read, little did i know it was to be about me.

I joined a swing site and sat and waited for a response, it took all of 10 seconds i think. I was snowed under with filthy requests and i was starting to panic that id gone too far to the other end of the spectrum. I spent the next 2 weeks just looking until one Friday, husband was away with the kids so i decided i should talk to someone off the site to find out more. My search criteria was, tall, young, experienced and no cock pic... how many cock pics are there on those sites!

I found a profile 33, 6ft 3, verified as being a very very bad man and a cute pic of his ass in the tightest of Calvin's... mmmm yum.

I went to message him but panicked, I ended up cancelling it ... so I thought.... I had sent an empty message to which I got a cheeky reply... messages went back and forth then for an hour or so, he seemed fun, intelligent and look delicious.

He asked if I would be up for a drink and seeing as I was alone for the night, well the whole weekend in truth. I went home showered and picked out some cheeky underwear and a thoroughly naughty shoes teamed up with a sexy dress. I was shaking on the way for the drink, I only spoke to this guy 2 hours ago on line and I'm going to meet him, am I mad!!! Plus according to his verifications he was very experienced, very kinky and plays all night long... he will eat me alive I could hear screaming in my head.

After 1 drink it was so clear we had chemistry and it was only going to end one way... my knickers on his bedroom floor. I offered to take him home and thank god he accepted, i was scared to death he would turn me down. As we pulled up at his again I was shaking fearing rejection. the gods were kind and he suggested one more drink before I head to my friends (fake back up story I had just in case he turned out to smell!).

We drank, we talked, we laughed and we got naked.

I didn't notice getting naked until he stopped for breath from giving me oral. He then turned me over and fucked my ass. Something until then i hadn't really enjoyed. but at this point it was amazing. Within minutes it was like the sex Olympics, I did more firsts that night than I've ever done. My most amazing discovery though of the night is that a gush and squirt when aroused enough. I'd arrived at 6pm on the Friday and I left on Sunday at lunch time. We didn't sleep, we only stopped to eat and take on board fluids. It was a huge sexual watershed for me. I was myself in the bedroom for the first time.

And he laughed when I said I'd been fearful he would eat me alive... turned out I did the eating... I devoured him. I left him an empty shell of a man but with a smile.

This was the start of regular and filthy sex exploring my fantasies and discovering new ones.

Which is your favourite?

Happy HNT sexy peeps and happy New year to you all, I hope 2011 brings you all you wish for and much more.

Join in the fun...

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... if you guess which one email me and I will send you the full pic the-otherhnt

Wednesday 29 December 2010

what age are you?

I didn't think it was polite to ask a lady her age?? 38 anyway x

Ask me anything

What's is your wildest sexual fantasy?

I think being tied up and blindfolded by my partner then feeling a stranger upon me and hearing my parter telling them to fuck me.

Ask me anything

Do you have a favorite store for clothes and lingerie?

I think the online shop I love the Gok Wan range of corsets and vintage underwear x

Ask me anything

Tuesday 28 December 2010

TMI - random sexual facts about me, Xmas Special

Top 5 sexual things or sex toys you would like to find in your stocking Xmas day.

1. Tickets to fly to America, with stay overs in so many cities! I might have to work in NY, Pensylvania and Washington next year and if so I think we are going to have to organise a little party! The picture is so what I want to do with a ceratin male blogger I have a crush on.

2. I so need a new dildo! my poor thing is worn out. I dont suppose they are designed to get as much abuse. Mine now works intimitantly... its such a tease! you can gaurentee just as im about to cum it switches off!

3. I need a new bullet... same fault as above ;( its not good! i havent cum for about a week. Ive been too busy with the children. I did reach for the bullet last night when I was in bed but the battery was too low and I was too tired to get up and sort it out.

4. I so want a hitchi wand! I would adore to be tied up and be teased and forced to keep cumming.

5. Shibari rope. (equiped with a tall sexy man that knows how to use it)

Bonus question is tell us a Xmas morning fantasy that includes some or all of your new toys.

I wake up in my Hotel room in NY, I hear the shower running and go to explore. I find Hedone and PY getting soaped up in the big walkin shower. Before I can say anything they drag me in and PY silences me with a kiss while Hedone moved behind me and kisses my neck and whispers wait till you see what else youve got for Christmas.

We all fall on the bed still wet from the shower and PY blindfolds me. within moment s I feel someone licking me and another mouth upon my breast. I hear the door creak and whispers, the faint smell of after shave.

Firm hands fall upon me and he moves in and kisses me firmly

PY whispers to me Merry Xmas as she straddled my face and grindes herself upon me until she cums. Hedone switches with her as he pushes my legs apart ready to enter me.

(feel free to end this... it depends on whoch of you bloggers I think of as to what you do to me, Ive got 5 different versions... post yours in comments and lets see if we are thinking the same)

Post if you played please xxxx
go see my friends that normally play x

Thursday 23 December 2010

HNT special gift theme

This HNT I need to gift 3 bloggers but... not my best blog friends ... 3 bloggers I have met this year and have made an impression. 

"Tis the season to be jolly"

The picture is in honour of a certain someone....

I've struggled to keep it to 3 ok i stretched it to 4 as per the theme so for those bloggers I haven't been able to gift especially I gift me!

My gift to vixen is a picnic set, whenever I picture her in my mind she is outside with the sunshine upon her (of course wearing a bikini) so I figured a picnic set including rug would be ideal for that day I lie in a field giggling with her sipping lemonade teasing her thigh with a piece of long grass. (feel free to conclude thought)

Sheen V
Panties!! I'm taking you shopping but in every shop you have to pay in every changing room, in kind :)

2 gifts for you. A belt as you seem to struggle to keep those pants up and a yoyo to keep those hands out if your pants!!

Shower gel!! One of my favourite HNT picture this year was of this man in the shower. I would love to deliver the soapy gift directly to his body.

A special little gift and extra love and a musical HNT picture for Osbasso, I give him a special hug and a lot of love for bringing us bloggers together every week to share something special.

Thanks O you don't know how much you give us by giving us our friendships xxxx

I wonder if I end up under anyones tree?

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Wednesday 22 December 2010

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Tmi tuesday - Xmas gifts and a sex poll

Before we start cluck on the poll on your right. I want to know how many people you have slept with this year. It's anon so honesty please:) I will reveal my answer next week and the results of the poll.

The ever so sexy playfully yours came up with this one.

Name 5 things you would do to five different bloggers on xmas.

1) get hedone and py in the same room, play scissor paper stones to see who gets to be tied up first then is game on! I so want to spank both there bottoms! Http://

2) arrange half way through playing that H, Hubman and Marcus join us and we have a very special party !

3) I would live to meet gucci mama, nitebyrd and a few other special friends for a evening of laughter and putting the world to right!

4) Mykey man from I would tease from Xmas to new year. I would use him as my very own Xmas toy :)

5) Go visit NV and his family and tease the hell out of NV as me and his wife play in front of him.

And as a bonus I want to take Florida Dom and Ron jazz for dinner.

What would you do to/for me?

Check back on Thursday for the Xmas special HNT where 3 more bloggers get a virtual gift from me.

Friday 17 December 2010

Almost a disaster

Picture is of S all dressed sexy for me

Was meeting up HR at 6 at the apartment suite, so naughty fun then meeting a couple and a female friend of mine for some thoroughly filthy fun.

I was running behind and left my house dress and packed for the night, as I arrived and asked what room number his text arrived... he was still at work, things had gone tits up and the night was off. I was devastated, Id been looking forward to it all week, bought new underwear, shaved every required inch of me even done a damn good douching so we could explore a few anal games we had talked about. All wasted.

I cancelled the couple and decided to meet S (female friend, its the female from the couple I sometimes meet)for drinks anyway. She had to go out and I couldn't go home or it would look strange. HR said we could go to the apartment and use it, to be honest though I was so flat at this point I just wanted to go home and put on my PJ's, wallow in self pity for a bit perhaps.

I hate letting people down so thought Id make the most of S's company. From talking with HR I thought he had to go out to work and wouldnt be hanging around, when I arrived he was stress, angry with work. We sipped a glass of wine as he talked.

S arrived and after a few moments of small talk HR went to the bathroom, I whispered to S that I think we need to spoil HR and relax him. She was game.

I stripped and was down to undies as HR walked in. S joined me on the bed, in her stockings and suspenders and a wet freshly shaven pussy.

We kissed and teased each other, HR watched from the chair, he seemed pleased, I smiled and beckoned him over with my eyes. He kissed me and then I returned to rubbing S's clit and sucking her delicious nipples. HR moved round so he could see S rubbing my clit, and sucking my breasts. He began fingering her as I started to cum. HR then rubbed and fingered both of our cunts as we lay side by side kissing.

I knelt on the floor and began lapping at S's pussy. She was soaking and her juices covered me face. HR slipped his hard cock inside me and began pounding me. my face was being rammed deep into her cunt with each thrust. I pushed 2 fingers inside her and I could tell she was close to cuming, I couldn't concentrate on her clit as I was getting close also so i grabbed my bullet and pressed it firmly against her clit while my fingers fucked her. As she started to cum and my fingers were soak I to started to cum. I was cumming all over HR's cock and it felt so good.

We all played on the bed for a while I suggested to S that she sucked HR while I rimmed him, it wasn't the most ideal of positions but from the noises HR made I think we pleased him, it was a first for him being rimmed and I think I can confiently that it wont be the last.

I encouraged HR to fuck S. She was lay on her back as he slid inside her. I gently rubbed her clit as they fucked then moved around to finger her ass. It felt amazing as I could feel his cock sliding in and out as I pushed deep.

We changed positions and I lay on my back, S on all fours over me so I could lick her while HR fucked her good and hard from behind. S was fingering me an rubbing my clit as I watched his cock and her cunt collide.

He tells me to bend over and tells S to get a toy to fuck my ass while he fucks my cunt. WOW it felt amazing, his cock so hard in side me and the toy so deep and filling me. I came several times in quick succession and was left trembling.

It looked like he was getting close to cumming and he know no one else gets his cum, its mine, I'm his greedy cum slut. I love being his greedy cum slut.

I administer, rather well, oral sex, S holds his cock as my mouth slides up and down slowly and deliberately on his shaft, teasing him at times. I ask S to wank his cock so he cums over my face.

He shoots his load in my mouth and over my face in several powerful jets. It was so fucking sexy.

S left and we enjoyed some nibbles Id brought and some wine. Laughed, talked and touched. When we kissed it was like sparks inside my groin, he so knows how to kiss me. We decided spooning was in order and he promptly had his hard cock ball deep inside me, holding my breast as we took turns from him fucking me to me riding his cock.

He slipped his cock into my ass and the bullet went on my clit. It felt divine.

We lay talking after as I stroked and caressed his back telling him 3 of my fantasies, things I hadnt done that I wanted to explore. He seemed non shocked and interested in them.

Throughout the night we slept for literally moments then returned to fucking, sucking and playing, at 3 am though we had the most wonderful session, he was deep inside me, bullet on clit as he retold one of my fantasies back to me, telling me how it will happen... fuck me it was so hot! it ending in him cuming over my face and in my mouth again while I pressed against his prostate gland.

We fell back asleep and he was meant to be up at 4am to get his flight to Houston but alas we slept through it. I woke at 5am and after a few moments panic, a rebooking of the next flight he came back to bed and fucked me again.

I fell asleep with the bullet against my clit, the battery was low but enough to arouse me, I woke as I came.

So if your in Houston and you see an exhausted English man he's mine!

Thursday 16 December 2010

HNT - Christmas Theme

This is my Xmas card to you all

You might notice that there are stockings and heels on my tree also :)Every year I add more shoes... can you ever have enough? AMEN!

And as a rule they should be in pairs!

Hope you like your christmas wish... next weeks HNT theme is to share what gift you would buy 3 bloggers that you are NOT best friends with. Come see if you are one of them :)

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Tuesday 14 December 2010

Tmi - random sexual facts .... Place not to have sex! was ibspirationsl for ghis weeks tmi but ive done a little change, it was suggested we compile a list of places to have sex that are generally considered especially romantic or exciting.

I have a limited list of 'romantic' places so instead here is my top place i wouldn’t have sex again....

1. Show house while it was open for viewing while wearing those silly shoe covers
2. Amusements park where over excitable security guards are employed
3. Toilets of favourite restaurant (can’t go back again unless wear a disguise)
4. Stood up in 5” heels bent over with nothing to hold on to! That seemed like such a great plan and then i was certain I was to be launched any moment from his cock into the wall, kind of spoiled the moment
5. The beach, indeed the chaffing of the sand is just too much
6. The car, I’m very tall so its hard enough but did get a pain in my back once reach to se what it was and Id broke the sons favourite power ranger toy in my moment of passion
7. Stood up against car in an abandoned car park a group of property investors came in and we had to stay holding each other and faking me crying as they walked by and measured right next to us
8. Bent over a log in a wood, it was rotten and during the enthusiastic pounding I was getting the log broke and I tumbled to the floor bare ass in air!

Im sure there are more to add and sat laughing at every instance And whilst I've said I wouldn't do it again you all know I'm lying don't you?

The most romantic has to if been in a hot tub, out doors overlooking the sea while it was snowing, with a close second was the first night HE made love to me, it was just in a bed at a lovely hotel but everything was just perfect (until the head board came off the wall as we started to fuck like animals)

Post if you played please xxxx
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Monday 13 December 2010

A week in review

Over 30 orgasms
2 men kissed me
1 man was a good friend and help me sort my head out
1 man made me cum so hard I was still shaking an hour later
1 man took me to dinner and made me laugh
1 man took me to his hotel and pleasured me for hours
1 man got on a train to come back and pleasure me for an hour
1 man said he fancied the pants off me (if I'd bother to wear them)
1 man steamed the windows up in my car as he brought me to my fifth orgasm

9 loved my HNT and only 1 my OHNT :(

Hadn't realised I hit 300 posts! OMG!

Thanks for reading and being there x hope I entertain ... Do say hello even if you normally visit silently xx

Thursday 9 December 2010

HNT - sexy spoons

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Wednesday 8 December 2010

my birthday - being fucked by a woman

Blindfolded and tied up still, totally helpless and at there mercy; I felt a mouth clamp around my nipple then an unusual sensation, it feels like he is pinching my nipple but both hands were tending to my legs and ankles.
Her trails slowly between my legs and then the soft parting of my lips and a firm toy plunged into me. it feels heavenly as it slowly vibrates.

He must of moved behind her and started fucking her, I felt her rhythmically brush against me, her breast were swinging and grazing my thighs. Then harder, he grabs my ankles as he slams into her. She pushes the toy in deeper making me cum.

They both step away and the absence of touch pains my skin and sends my hyper sensitive, my legs are untied and pushed upwards. I'm to open myself.

It felt amazing as she slipped inside me. She started slowly then fucked me hard as the therapist abused my nipples pushing over into another orgasm.the cold hard cock that jutted out from her was buried so deeps inside me it felt so good.

He fisted me and then flogged, spanked and paddled me. He handed her the flogger and they took turns striking me making me squeal. He stung my pussy lips with every strike, it was driving me wild and near my limit. he kept me on the edge then pushed me at the same time as making me cum so hard.

Afterwards we all landed on the bed togther I spooned her, he spooned me. it was so soothing being sandwiched between them.

Last few pictures for my HNT n thursday and a special one on friday x

Monday 6 December 2010

Tmi Tuesday - random sexual facts about me

Sexual Limits

What would you never do?

Poop! Urgh doesn't do it for me

What do you want to try as you like the idea if it?

A type of bondage ... Being wrapped in cling film, I did try a little mummification once with the Therapist, I loved the feeling of it, the pictures looked funny though it looked like a low budget medical drama gone wrong! (picture from a naughty friend of mine, thanks babe)

What did you try and now love?

Anal play
Role play
(hadn't got into any of these until last year believe it or not! I'm a fast learner)

What did you try and didn't like?
Somethings I find are very subjective to partners, but most things, even if I have had a negative experience I would try again incase I've changed my mine or more in the mood.

What limit do you fantasise about but don't want to do it?

I still haven't done a fmm 3some and done DP. I don't want to do this until it's with the right 2 men, I want them both to want me equally.

I often fantasise about being centre of attention at a gang bang, tied to a table and used and forced to cum. I dont think I could ever do this though.


What limit do you want to push before new year?

I think erotic pain and orgasm control are top of my list. The therapist has had me do close to submission recently, I want more!!

What about you?

Check out my limits list for a funny insight into my naughty mind!

Post if you played...

go see my girls...

and these might of played but worth a visit anyway

Sunday 5 December 2010

A week in review

Dozens of orgasms I lost count

1 woman tied me up fucked me

1 man help her and pushed my limits

Lots of sexy bloggers and tweety friends sent me pictures as gifts... This one I saved to share today ..... Form an orderly queue (behind me) to abuse this cock. Thanks babe

1 man promised to meet me next week and enjoy a day naked together.

How was your week?

Saturday 4 December 2010

My birthday ... The wax

I came hard but was still aching, needed more and now.

He placed his woman between my legs and I felt something pressing against my lips , the vibration reverberated through me as my lips opened and the vibrating toy was forced inside me. I felt the force of their penetration and the rhythmic hard fucking as she held the dildo while he fucked her hard.

His hand wrapped around my throat as he manipulated me to another sharp climax.

Next thing I knew was the stinging drops of hot wax on my breasts, it was deliciously painful.

Friday 3 December 2010

Birthday treat part one

Introduction to the day...

I arrived at 8:30, the weather is manic, severe snow which is unusual for this early in winter do I do battle to get to the apartment. I arrive and to my delight the therapists woman has made a cake and a card awaits me. We enjoy such a civilised conversation recounting my weekends joy with the children. The therapist threads my to the bedroom and shows me the toys, whips, clamps and ropes that await me.

I undress down to a leopard print and black basque and hand over my stockings for them to put on me. The therapist attaches the left stocking and she attaches the right. The slow fiddling and touching in doing do turns me on.

I lie on the bed as directed and she ties me tight. The therapist then before me binds her breasts so tightly and makes her moan.

The blindfold goes on me and earplugs inserted, I have to trust him from now on.

My breasts are exposed and I feel hands trail over me and explore me. I try to sense who it is I think they have swapped sides. Her hands whilst firm upon me are more hesitant than his.

Her bound breasts are thrust into my mouth and I feel fingers part my pussy lips, I'm about to be given my first orgasm.

Thursday 2 December 2010

HNT - Birthday present from the therapist

a teaser for the rest of the birthday session...

~~~~~~~~~~~Click to see me getting my main present~~~~~~~~~~~~

I will share more tomorrow :)

Happy HNT...

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Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Not one for horoscopes but therapists woman sent this

Baring in mind what we got up to today....

Creativity is maximized for you today, and naturally you are wondering how to implement this into your love life. If you are attached, a new game to play with your partner may be all that you need to rejuvenate some spark. Single? You are looking for the kind of mindless mischievous entertainment that always leaves a smile on your face. But you know you are happiest when the smile is left on the other person's face, so today you will use your creativity to conjure up a way that is sure to do just that very thing. Today you will know exactly how to put your finger on that little button that sends them reeling. And you'll be glad you did.

Happy Birthday to me!

Update! just had birthday wishes in from Dutch! (sighs)

I asked for the gift of pictures of you masturbating over the blog and you gave generously! Not enough ladies though so I do think you should getting the camera out as I know you play :)

A few more pictures might appear later so pop back and see who else has been playing and its not to late to send me a birthday pic!

As I write this post I have my bullet nestled between my lips gentle teasing me. Im salavating at my mouth and soaking my panties, im not going to allow myself to cum until Ive finished. Apologies for spelling mistakes and other typos, too horny to ive a fuck :)

From a swing friend :)

From with a special note: happy birthday my cum guzzling slut :) p>

The next few from my tweet and blog buddies:

Simply delicious thank you ANON x A blog fan and whilst he is anon to you guys I love that he has taken the time to do this for me.

I masturbated to your image at work, Slipped condom over my erect cock, pulled up your photos, stroked my hard cock thru my jeans and came hard in my office. The second photo is the proof Love it!

This one is the tall guy Ive been wanting to meet again, we had lunch a few weeks ago and at the end of it he made me cum and then took away my panties. Well as you can see we now know were the panties are and what was done with them. He has an induldgent day of passion planned for a belated birthday gift.I look forward to being unwrapped and played with.
Libidinous Man

This is what is in store for me with the therapist.... all the details and pictures on friday and will share one picture to tease you on my HNT and OHNT.