Monday, 6 December 2010

Tmi Tuesday - random sexual facts about me

Sexual Limits

What would you never do?

Poop! Urgh doesn't do it for me

What do you want to try as you like the idea if it?

A type of bondage ... Being wrapped in cling film, I did try a little mummification once with the Therapist, I loved the feeling of it, the pictures looked funny though it looked like a low budget medical drama gone wrong! (picture from a naughty friend of mine, thanks babe)

What did you try and now love?

Anal play
Role play
(hadn't got into any of these until last year believe it or not! I'm a fast learner)

What did you try and didn't like?
Somethings I find are very subjective to partners, but most things, even if I have had a negative experience I would try again incase I've changed my mine or more in the mood.

What limit do you fantasise about but don't want to do it?

I still haven't done a fmm 3some and done DP. I don't want to do this until it's with the right 2 men, I want them both to want me equally.

I often fantasise about being centre of attention at a gang bang, tied to a table and used and forced to cum. I dont think I could ever do this though.


What limit do you want to push before new year?

I think erotic pain and orgasm control are top of my list. The therapist has had me do close to submission recently, I want more!!

What about you?

Check out my limits list for a funny insight into my naughty mind!

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  1. I agree somethings are subjective to the partners.
    Ohhhhh, I didn't think about DP--oh just checked (again my post didn't post so I got to add it.)


  2. Oh yes, some things are subjective to partners.

    Yummy it's hard to believe you only started engaging in your "faves" a year ago. That's means by this time next year, I'll be just like you :D

    A friend of mine recently did a suspension with plastic wrap. I'll send you a link to the photo. It was cool to see. He suspended one girl in wrap then later wrapped another female to her. The second female was standing, on one leg, slightly lifted with her eyes at the breasts of the suspended girl. My friend then spanked the lower girl (her wishes). Her bum was ruby red AND she had a great pair of tits in her face while the spanking occurred.

  3. How naive can I be? LOL ;) I would never have thought such things actually existed! Sigh!