Monday, 13 December 2010

A week in review

Over 30 orgasms
2 men kissed me
1 man was a good friend and help me sort my head out
1 man made me cum so hard I was still shaking an hour later
1 man took me to dinner and made me laugh
1 man took me to his hotel and pleasured me for hours
1 man got on a train to come back and pleasure me for an hour
1 man said he fancied the pants off me (if I'd bother to wear them)
1 man steamed the windows up in my car as he brought me to my fifth orgasm

9 loved my HNT and only 1 my OHNT :(

Hadn't realised I hit 300 posts! OMG!

Thanks for reading and being there x hope I entertain ... Do say hello even if you normally visit silently xx