Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Tmi tuesday - Xmas gifts and a sex poll

Before we start cluck on the poll on your right. I want to know how many people you have slept with this year. It's anon so honesty please:) I will reveal my answer next week and the results of the poll.

The ever so sexy playfully yours came up with this one.

Name 5 things you would do to five different bloggers on xmas.

1) get hedone and py in the same room, play scissor paper stones to see who gets to be tied up first then is game on! I so want to spank both there bottoms! Http://thepleasureprinciple.blogspot.com http://playfullyyours.blogspot.com

2) arrange half way through playing that H, Hubman and Marcus join us and we have a very special party !
http://handsinpants.blogspot.com/ http://hubmanshangout.com/ http://funanddirtythoughts.blogspot.com

3) I would live to meet gucci mama, nitebyrd and a few other special friends for a evening of laughter and putting the world to right!
http://www.mamastillwearsgucci.com http://www.dustbunnyinthewind.com

4) Mykey man from http://outsidevanilla.blogspot.com I would tease from Xmas to new year. I would use him as my very own Xmas toy :)

5) Go visit NV and his family and tease the hell out of NV as me and his wife play in front of him.

And as a bonus I want to take Florida Dom and Ron jazz for dinner.

What would you do to/for me?

Check back on Thursday for the Xmas special HNT where 3 more bloggers get a virtual gift from me.


  1. I think you, Nite, and I could rule the world. We would be awesome.

    If there exists a possibility for the three of us to solve the world's problems (and hold the wide eyed attention of every man in the room) over wine, I am IN!


  2. Oh, and the shoes? FABULOUS. Gorgeous picture; I mean the entire thing is stunning, but I am positively drooling over the footwear.

  3. #1 and #2 made me wet just thinking about it. That combination of us ladies and those men...someone better grab a camera because that would be a night that no one would believe unless they saw it!!!


  4. I have a special gift for you from under my tree but you'll have to wait until Thursday to find out what it is.

  5. I *love* that picture!! Merry Christmas!

  6. Yes, you, me and Gucci would bitch-slap this world right into shape. While wearing fabulous shoes and drinking Moscato. I also wouldn't mind dinner and fun with a couple of those bloggers you mentioned.

    Purple becomes you. ;)

    I'd bring you a lovely silver mirror so whenever you had a doubt about how amazing you are, you could look in it and know.

  7. What a fun and hot day of lovin'. ;-)

  8. I'd love to join you and the others, thanks for thinking of me! As for what I would do to you, I suspect that you have a pretty good idea ;-)

    PY- I'd be happy to bring my camera!

    Oh, and I participated in your poll, care to guess?

  9. Number 2 sounds incredibly hot. That would be quite some party. I'd want to take full advantage and partake in anything possible for your pleasure ;)

  10. OH MY! H and Marcus together. My head would explode...well other parts too.

    Wanna know what I'd do to you? Go see here http://pleasure-principle-hedone.blogspot.com/2010/12/tmi-tuesday-december-21-2010.html