Thursday, 30 December 2010

HNT The pick of the year

This HNT we are to post our favourite HNT of the year, I cant decide so here are my Fav 3 posts, tell me which you prefered... or if there was another?

12th May 2010
I did promise the pic of the shoes....

and yes it speaks volumes... I'm switch x

Whats your preference?? are you sub dom or like me depends on the mood??

14th April 2010

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~READ FIRST THEN CLICK ON THE PICTURE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I had been at the lovers for a few days and got back home the day this had been taken. I was still so horny but only because Id been indulge like a spoilt child for days sexually. We had bought loads of toys at the sex shop prior to me staying over one had been a clit clamp. We hadn't got around to using it and the idea popped into my head to put it on and try it. Then send a pic to M. I entered this full of enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoyed the feel of it, how it held my clit so proud. The door bell went and i quickly threw on my dressing gown and went to answer the door. It was my parents! they were passing and fancied a coffee and knew i was home alone and thought I'd appreciate the company!!! They stayed for an hour by then my clit was ready to explode. It had swollen and the clamp was stuck. I called M and he couldn't speak for laughing and calling me a dirty greedy bitch! Harsh but fair.

After some baby oil and ice being applied I managed to ease it off in the end. My clit felt so wonderful for days after :-) (click to see)

19th of May 2010

Happy birthday Osbasso and HNT!

In case you have been hidden under a large stone this week we are celebrating HNT's birthday and the theme is to post your origional past and a remake... just finished the remake and read tomorrow how naughty it got... tut tut that naughty naughty therapist!

I have posted below the story of the first HNT pic, it was such an amazing night, it was the night I found the real me.

The Old...

The New...

Yes I'm a wanker, always found myself needing to cum almost everyday if not more than once. The husband lost interest in sex when we had the kids, yes sounds like reverse roles. I've done everything from the naughty undies, the sending sexy messages, letting him catch me play, but nothing, told me he would put kettle and asked would i be long!!! Is he gay or am I ugly was my 2 worries, then is he having an affair. Well maybe all???

I can tick off ugly and gay abut the affair still is my favourite, but maybe he just got old and i didn't notice.

So to save my sanity and to prolong the family unit staying together I decided to embark on an affair. I armed myself with several glasses of wine and a laptop and entered I want an affair into google. Wow its was an eye opener.I had no idea how may people where in the same family trap as me. I joined an upmarket site that was for married professionals. I met some great men but after lunch they wanted dinner and after dinner they want theatre.... as they say... you had me at hello and I can ill afford the extra calories.

By the time you got to the theatre there was talk of love and long lasting relationships..... all well and good but these guys hadn't had sex with there wives in years and were more lacking in sexual finesse than a stick. and lets face it they have to be able to kiss.

So i decided to move down market, a friend I met on the afore mentioned site recommended a book and swinging, butcher baker candle stick maker, it was a good read, little did i know it was to be about me.

I joined a swing site and sat and waited for a response, it took all of 10 seconds i think. I was snowed under with filthy requests and i was starting to panic that id gone too far to the other end of the spectrum. I spent the next 2 weeks just looking until one Friday, husband was away with the kids so i decided i should talk to someone off the site to find out more. My search criteria was, tall, young, experienced and no cock pic... how many cock pics are there on those sites!

I found a profile 33, 6ft 3, verified as being a very very bad man and a cute pic of his ass in the tightest of Calvin's... mmmm yum.

I went to message him but panicked, I ended up cancelling it ... so I thought.... I had sent an empty message to which I got a cheeky reply... messages went back and forth then for an hour or so, he seemed fun, intelligent and look delicious.

He asked if I would be up for a drink and seeing as I was alone for the night, well the whole weekend in truth. I went home showered and picked out some cheeky underwear and a thoroughly naughty shoes teamed up with a sexy dress. I was shaking on the way for the drink, I only spoke to this guy 2 hours ago on line and I'm going to meet him, am I mad!!! Plus according to his verifications he was very experienced, very kinky and plays all night long... he will eat me alive I could hear screaming in my head.

After 1 drink it was so clear we had chemistry and it was only going to end one way... my knickers on his bedroom floor. I offered to take him home and thank god he accepted, i was scared to death he would turn me down. As we pulled up at his again I was shaking fearing rejection. the gods were kind and he suggested one more drink before I head to my friends (fake back up story I had just in case he turned out to smell!).

We drank, we talked, we laughed and we got naked.

I didn't notice getting naked until he stopped for breath from giving me oral. He then turned me over and fucked my ass. Something until then i hadn't really enjoyed. but at this point it was amazing. Within minutes it was like the sex Olympics, I did more firsts that night than I've ever done. My most amazing discovery though of the night is that a gush and squirt when aroused enough. I'd arrived at 6pm on the Friday and I left on Sunday at lunch time. We didn't sleep, we only stopped to eat and take on board fluids. It was a huge sexual watershed for me. I was myself in the bedroom for the first time.

And he laughed when I said I'd been fearful he would eat me alive... turned out I did the eating... I devoured him. I left him an empty shell of a man but with a smile.

This was the start of regular and filthy sex exploring my fantasies and discovering new ones.

Which is your favourite?

Happy HNT sexy peeps and happy New year to you all, I hope 2011 brings you all you wish for and much more.

Join in the fun...

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... if you guess which one email me and I will send you the full pic the-otherhnt


  1. Love your top pics there.. sexy shoes! And hehe, totally submissive here.. ;)
    Happy New Year!
    LGS xx

  2. I like your choices, and I really like the clit clamp story!


  3. The clit clamp story is funny ;)

    I LOVE those top shoes!


  4. LMAO I remember that story!!! hehe

    Shoes yay shoes

    HHNT & HNY!!!


  5. The clit clamp makes my mouth water..

    Happy New Year and HHNT


  6. I like photo #3 because of the click-through pic.

    However, my favorite HNT is the photo you gifted me on my birthday. Thank you again.


  7. I'm submissive with men. With a woman I'm a top...but I am only attracted to certain women.