Saturday, 4 December 2010

My birthday ... The wax

I came hard but was still aching, needed more and now.

He placed his woman between my legs and I felt something pressing against my lips , the vibration reverberated through me as my lips opened and the vibrating toy was forced inside me. I felt the force of their penetration and the rhythmic hard fucking as she held the dildo while he fucked her hard.

His hand wrapped around my throat as he manipulated me to another sharp climax.

Next thing I knew was the stinging drops of hot wax on my breasts, it was deliciously painful.


  1. new to the blog world and loving yours!

  2. I'm gasping...for air...sooo very HOT!

    I'd like to see more of that bra.

    Nice nips babe.


  3. So very sexy. Erect nipples tell the tale....

  4. I am enjoying your birthday celebration immensely! I hope that mine can be like yours someday!