Friday 13 May 2011

Part 2 - spanked, fisted, strung up by YSL

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The next few hours flew by, I remember noticing it was 3:30 when we got to the bedroom the next time I saw the clock its was 8:00

He was poised between my legs and lapped at my juices and my clits was aching  for attention and it was getting what it wished for. He feasts on me, making sure every sensitive part of me felt his affection. His oral is just wow… technique is different to what I’ve experienced before, I think it’s because he is so diligent, his enjoyment of giving is so evident in how it feels to receive from him. He moves from licking, sucking, lapping, delving, I have goose bumps just thinking of the how each detail feels. He takes my clit in his mouth as it thickens and a get close to climax. He pushes his fingers inside me and sends me into a beautiful orgasm, he is slurping as he licks me, drinking me in. In my sensitive just orgasmed state he continues to adore my clit with his tongue, holding me firmly, ensuring I stay put to endure the bitter sweet feels of him and he takes me over the edge again.

He joins me on the bed and kiss each other, his hand automatically cups my mound . The passion heightens again and with a naughty glint in his eyes he moves back between my legs, immediately working his hand inside me to fist me. I feel myself stretch to accommodate him, that moment he slips inside feels so pleasing. He fists me for a minutes or so and removes his hand and then pushes back in. This time as I stretch it seems more, im gasping, I’m near my limit, it hurts but in a good way, its arousing, I feel like im so exposed to him. My eyes are closed as I try to relax, I realise he is pushing both hands in, it feels so intense but I want it, I want to feel that full of him. He sends me into a climatically frenzy. I cant think, I cant do anything but take it and cum.

He holds me tightly, kissing me as I recover. We spoon, not a gap of air or light can pass between us we are so close.

Eventually his hand makes its way naturally to my clit, he holds me tightly, I feel so wanted, he starts to talk … not dirty, that would be misleading… he told me what I needed to hear ‘come for me… you are in my arms … I want you to feel pleasure’ all such wonderful things to hear. He says them with such meaning and passion, his fingers are dancing over my clit and taking me closer. He gives me another orgasm, as im gratefully recovering he pushes inside my ass and starts to slowly make love to me. He pauses and tells me not to move… I couldn’t move im an orgasmic mess!

He returns a moment later with the box of candles I brought him last week. I thought he was going to close the curtains and light the large church candle, I was wrong.

He parts my legs as I lie on my side and pushes the candle into my pussy. It fills me in every direction. He pushes his cock gentle against my ass, I exhale as I try to relax and take him in as well. Oh My God! It feels amazing, the lack of room because of the greedy candle means his cock is crammed inside, I can feel every detail. We fuck slowly, I’m in a state close to subspace or whatever you want to call it.

Its almost too much and enough to make me want to say stop, but at the same time its not enough and please don’t stop.

When he comes the feeling is exponentially increased, it feels like he is coming in both holes.

Quite civilly we enjoy steaming the dim sum, kissing and preparing drinks. I know I’ve said this before but I adore that he is capable of both ends of the spectrum. He is an intelligent able lover and addictive to be in the company of but he is also capable of such creative spontaneous filth.

After much fucking and playing I take pleasure in giving him oral, his cock tastes of mine and his cum. After taking my time licking, sucking and trying to please him I indicate for him to roll over and allow me to rim him. Its such an intimate act something I don’t have much experience of but thoroughly enjoyed administering to YSL. I hungrily lick and probe with my tongue (its still aching now lol) nibbling at his bum cheeks and teasing with my fingers. He lies there moaning, enjoying as my tongue pushes inside tentatively.

We lie back on the bed and enjoy the strawberries I had brought, I closed my eyes as he traced them around my lips and squeezing the juice out of them and letting it drip slowly into my mouth. It is so erotic.

He pinches my nipples and takes me to my limit, rewards me with kisses and strawberries. I reach for my drink and as I replace the glass YSL finds the right moment to spank me. A few rapid spanks land making me squeal.

He hands me another strawberry as a reward, I place it between my lips and tell him its for him. He eats it from me drinking in all my wetness with it.

He moves so he is knelt up near my face, he tells me he is going to be selfish a moment. He wanks himself I can see he is deciding whether to come over my breasts or in my mouth. He tells me my mouth as I ask for his cum. I lock my lips around his tip and he shoots into my mouth. I know not to swallow, we are to share it, when I have captured every last drop we kiss, his cum runs from my mouth into his and covers us both.

He tells me to stand up, I’m almost disorientated from all the passion and don’t even notice that he has got a chair into the middle of the room. He tells me to bend over his knee. Just this request has me wet and aching, when he starts spanking me he trails his fingers down my crack and gasps when he finds how soaked I am again. He pinches my nipples and spanks me. My bottom feels tender and stingy, I want more and he gave it.

When I stood up he was struck with an idea, something I had suggested the first time we met. I had noticed he has a ceiling hook, I had said that looks perfect to tie me too one day… today was that day. He put the restraints on each wrist taking his time. He ask if im ok, my breathing had changed, I think he was worried I was scared, I was so aroused. My clit felt like it had its own heart beat the way it was throbbing beween my lips.

He stood on the bed and passed the tethers through the hook and pulled it tight. My arms pulled up to towards the ceiling. I was totally his. He could do anything he wants to me and I can’t do anything. He adores me. He slowly traces his hands over my curves, he kisses me and rubs my clit. I want to explore this so much more with him. Im blow away by how it made me feel, so totally his to affectionately abuse.

He moves behind me, he kisses and nibbles my back then pushes his cock inside me and fucks me hard.  Im close to cumming when he drops to his knees and licks my ass, from all the attention its probably gaping. His licks, probes and sucks it then rams his cock in again making me cum. He pulls out and tries to work his hand in but im too sensitive to take it. He unties me and makes love to me on the bed holding me so close.

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