Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Part 3 of debauched night with my lover

After fun in the kitchen making margaritas and enjoying some freshly steamed dim sum in between kissing and enjoying each others bodies we return to the bed to embrace, we were kissing intensely and the so naturally he was inside me again. His appetite for being inside me is so welcomed and matched by my need for him.

After several deep orgasms he suggests I lie across his lap. I smile and obey, my cunt tingled at the very thought. Everything we do together is without plan or need to question boundaries, it's a rare occurrence to have a partner than can just read you, I feel so comfortable giving myself to him.

He starts spanking me gently, after every few stinging blows he teases my clit and ass. The spanking moves from being on my cheeks to being over my exposed cunt. Each smack is met with the sound of my wetness.

He talks to me, tells me such wonderful sexual pleasures and takes me to the edge of cumming. He reaches for the hitachi and flicks it on. It sends me off the chart! Everything is so sensitive, his fingers were driving me wild so the intensity of the hitachi just had me shaking and writhing. He tells me in his smooth sexy voice to let go and cum. I do as I'm told and I cum so hard, the hardest I have all evening. He spoons me and holds me tightly as I enjoy the feelings running through my body.

We spend sometime sharing intimate secrets and desires, so entwined together kissing through sentences as we arouse each other so deeply.

He returns to the room with supper, I'm as well fed as I fucked when I see my lover.

He ties my wrists gently so they are restrained by my sides, I instantly soaked by just the tying of the teathers. He moves between my legs , gives me a devilish smile and disappears to feast upon my swollen cunt. He had me cumming and trying to escape his relentless licking as I got so sensitive but he held my hips down and continued to force me to cum again.

It must of been about 4am and we slowly made love and fell asleep together. I don't sleep well normally and sleep awful in a strange place but I drifted off very happily feeling adored as he held me tightly.

We woke 2 hours later, it was a call for him, a colleague needed to call and collect something, drunk last night I agreed to answer the door in my baby doll night dress, at this point I didn't look sexy just well fuck but he liked the effect. The door bell rang and I answer with a sheepish smile, the guy nearly jumped out of his skin!

We rolled in bed giggling and awaited text/email commenting on the stranger at the door.

We switch to fruit juice and snuggled up together, his arms around me making me feel happy. In a half sleepy state he enters my ass, he slowly fucks it while he holds my cunt in his hand. He starts to work his fingers inside me then starts to fist my cunt while he fucks my ass.

I'm on the verge if cumming and he pulls out of my ass and replaces his cock with fingers. Quite quickly he works them inside me to the knuckles. I reach round to hold him back I'm at the point where It feels too much emotionally and physically. I think he senses it and concentrates on my cunt and sends me into an orgasm and forces his hand inside my ass as I'm cumming. I'm in a state, I can't put it into words, it's so much, it feels like everything you've ever felt sexually but all at once, almost to excess but you want more. He starts alternating fisting in and out both holes, I've never managed so much, I've never felt this way, I'm shuddering, speechless, cumming and feeling so vulnerable but loving every second of it. Every now and then it gets too much but he senses it and changes tempo, he calms me with his words of affection and his smile.

He held me so tightly afterwards, it was what I needed, I felt emotionally and physically laid bare.

part 4 soon.....

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  1. Incredible evening, so hot and sexy. I think the picture symbolizes how connected and wrapped together you two were.
    I love how it all melts together, fucking, sleeping, more fucking, some eating and drinking thrown in more fucking and fisting.

    Can't wait for the next part!

  2. phew, there is a part 4? part 3 almost wore me out... almost

  3. WOW! That's kinda left me speechless, sounds so amazing; physically and emotionally amazing! Can't wait for part 4.

  4. I am so jealous! I want to be THAT connected to someone! You have a better sex life then me and im only 22! haha I hope that one day i can have some adventures like you :) Keep them coming lol

  5. "The spanking moves from being on my cheeks to being over my exposed cunt. Each smack is met with the sound of my wetness."

    Oh so very nice

    "disappears to feast upon my swollen cunt. "

    Sounds like a wild, sexy & tender time.


  6. This is very, very, sexy. I can't wait for part 4.