Tuesday 30 October 2012

TMI - long and short of it

Thank you Erotic Adventures in Brisneyland for the following TMI Tuesday questions.

The LONG and the SHORT of it

1. What is the longest relationship you have been in? Aside my marriage, my relationship with YSL has been my longest standing. We have been together 18months and we are still enjoying every moment together. I'm missing him like crazy this week (I'm on holiday with the family) and not likely to see him for another 2 weeks.

2. What is the shortest relationship you have been in?

I'm assuming we are talking full relationship, not met for drink because I think 10 minutes would be that answer. As a relationship is say 2 weeks, after 10 days he said he loved me and after another 2 days he said I was too sexually demanding it made him feel he wasn't man enough.

3. How often do you have sex? Depends how often i see YSL. IF we are together sex is a daily occurrence and we don't just do quickies.

How often do you want sex? Pretty much always, I'm fit to explode at the moment, it's been over a week since I last got to orgasm and it looks likely it will be the 12th of November when I will next be in YSL's arms. I might have to pay a visit to my Hitachi when I get home to pacify my arousal.

4. How long does sex usually last?
The first time me and YSL had sex it lasted 6hours, the second time 18 hours. I was so pleased to meet someone with the same hunger for passion and intimacy. I've never been a fan of a quickie and whilst sometime that's all time allows in the main our sex is counted in hours and on 2 hands.

5. Have you ever had an experience where someone couldn’t perform, finished too quickly or couldn’t keep up with you? Tell us about it?

Oops kind of answer one of them already. On the cant perform I've experienced that a few times while swinging. Often the single guys when its their first time over think it and fail to get stiff in the group scenario. Also we have met couple where the guy is extremely well endowed and at best they have been at the 'pushing rope' stage and certainly not able to get a condom on, that said sexual performance isn't all about having a hard cock or the size of it. For me penetration forms such a small part of my sexual pleasure.

6. If you could only have one “type” of sexual encounter for the rest of your life, would you prefer

a) short and sweet

b) wham bam thank you ma’am

c) here for the long haul

d) slow and tender

I'm going to go with slow and tender but I might want a little spank thrown in.

Bonus: Would you consider ending an otherwise healthy and loving relationship if the sex wasn’t what you wanted?

Clearly not since I'm still married! That said I don't think I would tolerate it in a new relationship.


Saturday 27 October 2012

Sinful Sunday - Fishing

Currently on holiday so hoping technology does it's stuff and Jack from Frisky on the 916 has done the 'Upping' on Sinful Sunday.

I took the camera in one hand and his cock in the other, it was blind photography as I was too busy enjoying his cock to concentrate on any good pics. I handed back the camera so I could fully enjoy his hardness. YSL continued to snap blindly before pulling me onto his cock, harpooning my cunt.

Sinful Sunday

Thursday 25 October 2012

Part 4 - Cap D'Agde 2012 - the BDSM club

Part 3 is HERE The full day had been spent in the beach, it certainly was busier being here on high season and the beach was rammed. Unlike last year there seemed less mixing and more peacocking and general exhibtionism.

Dinner was our Cap D'Agde favourite of local sausage (no pun intended) and fresh pasta, coupled with local wine. Sat on the balcony enjoying the view, the music adding to the relaxing ambience, I must of looked reflective, I know my mood isn't as playful as normal but given it's is only 3 weeks since Mum died I doing pretty good. YSL takes my hand and gives it a loving reassuring squeeze, I know being here is the right place to bbe.

YSL chills on the bed while I set about trying to rescue my hair, I know there will be little point in doing much as the temperature doesn't seem to be dropping much at night.

I slip on my latex look slip and matching latex look stockings. I pack my 5" heels and stick on my flats to walk there. It's not the best look but after last years toe injury I'm not pushing my luck with the heels.

We arrive at Clair Obscure, I slipped my heels on just round the corner. As we enter the small dark booth to pay the dominatrix we saw last year greeted us and stored our bags. We have a cursory look around to see if anything has changed but everything is pretty much as we remember from last year.

In the far room on the wheel is a woman tied facing the wall, her bottom fully exposed, wearing a black leather basque and thigh high boots. Her Dom was dressed like an Egyptian king, that is if they wore black leather skirts and look kinky as fuck. He is relentless as he thrashes her behind with a leather strap. Each strike lifts her entire buttock and fills the room with the echo. I'm amazed at her silence, I might of been able to take it but the room would be hearing my scream or growl with each lashing. He swaps his weapon for a flogger and by comparison to the strap he gives her a light flogging. My eyes are transfixed on him, I'm enjoying seeing his eyes sparkle as he looks upon his Sub. Beyond him is the medical table, seeing it makes my cunt ache to be on there and exposed.

We return to the bar and grab a beer. There are a few other couples arriving and in the first room is a couple that appear to have bought a red letter day voucher for a trip to meet a dominatrix experience! The guy who has an unfortunate resemblance to David Mitchell from Michell and Webb, was being wrapped in cling film after just having a little light CBT and nipple torture as an appetiser.

We head back to the end room after stopping at a slacking chair for a little warm up play. The Egyptian lord has a bull whip and looks like he would give Indiana Jones a run for his money, her restraint isn't as enduring this time, her knees buckle to absorb the pain and she flashes a glaring look over her shoulder which amuses him more.

He unites her and leads her by her collar out the room and I excitedly skip to the medical table.

YSL secures my legs and arms and pushes my thighs apart. There's no blindfold but my eyes are closed as I want to just feel it.

To be continued :)

Tuesday 23 October 2012

TMI Tuesday - my 17yr old self

1. What one part of your sex life today would most surprise the 17 year old you?

I think my love of sex and confidence I have in bed. At 17, whilst I had an appetite for sex I know it was to prove a point to myself.

2. What one thing might shock that younger you?

My penchant for BDSM would horrify my 17yr old self and my love if fisting. Sex at 17 was quite a passive activity which involved me either lying down of bending over and taking it. But most if all and it's a recent thing, my confidence in asking for what I want, it still shocks me that I can ask YSL for anything and he listens and accommodates my desires.

3. What part of the younger you’s (not necessarily at age 17) sex life do you look back on with the most nostalgia?

There is nothing except my body I would want for from my 17yr old self. Sexually I'm far happier now than I have ever been.

4. Is there anything in the younger you’s sexual ambitions or fantasies you have not yet fulfilled?

I don't think I knew enough to have ambitions or fantasies. At the time I thought I knew everything and I was open minded but that was only to what was in front of me, now with YSL by my side sexually I can ask and do anything I yearn for.

Bonus: Give your 17 year old self a piece of sexual advice.

Tell him he isn't doing it right, tell him he is selfish in bed and tell him what you want otherwise you have 20 years of bad sex ahead of you.


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Saturday 20 October 2012

Sinful Sunday - Movember preparation

This is my contribution to an amazing cause!

It’s almost November, a month of supporting and raising awareness of prostate cancer in men. It’s a growing phenomenon that’s changing the face of men’s health (pun intended).

In support and celebration of its success Sexshop365.co.uk are asking all you Mo Bro’s and Mo Sista’s to help raise awareness and increase participation in such an important issue.

Last year Movember made such an impact we saw a 43% increase in men’s health awareness and a large increase in men self checking and getting to the doctors early to prevent life threatening issues.

The important part!

How to get involved….

Head to www.movember.com and if you fancy getting some prizes while you do some good post on your blog or change your Twitter or Facebook avatar to a picture to support and celebrate Movember. It can be fun, creative or promote self checking. It’s not just for you boys and I’m sure the girls will give you a run for your money.

*Tweet @sexshop365 and use the hash tag > Tweet #movember365


*Post your photo on our Facebook wall. (click here)


*Post your picture on your blog along with the support banner and add your link below so we know where you are!


Read how to enter Movember awareness month with Sex Shop 365.

Use code: MOV20 to get 20% off all prostate massagers this November.

Check out who else is being Sinful this Sunday and details of the Halloween competition.

Sinful Sunday

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Cap D'Agde - part 3 Sex on the beach

We were well prepared this year to ensure maximum comfort on the beach and I'm pleased we went for the larger umbrella as the temperature was easily in the early 30c's and we needed the shelter. We picked a spot central to the beach and surrounded by a few interesting couples.

We spooned watching the crowd and enjoying the odd show, the couple in front are engaged in fucking but it's the most bizzar afair. He looks early 50's well groomed, reasonable shape, she is mid 20's curvy, pretty, her position looks uncomfortable and the guy isn't pleased with single males watching so he keeps stopping the show and finally has an outburst when a single male sets up camp next to them. They stop fucking and pick up their his n hers suduko books.

Another couple nearby in there late 40's, well tanned, she has a womanly curvy figure, start kissing and masturbating each other, it soon moves to the wife giving an enthusiastic blowjob. YSL slips his hardness inside me and slowly fucked me as we watch the passionate display before us.

Our slow tender fucking mainly goes un noticed except for a couple a BBW fans that keep circling, they keep there distance respectful and i take the compliment as they smile with delight.

The more lively fucking starts as the beach thins out and the umbrellas come down, it's close to 6pm but its still really hot so we head into the sea.

There is a larger older lady in front of us, she looks like a school teacher, dinner lady or librarian, not a greedy girl that is about to get her fill of young cock. She is picking a couple of young studs and heads into the surf with her hubby and new friends for what looks to be a fantasy fulfilment. Each time they stop to fuck a flock of single men appear and try to get in on the action but stop play instead. Eventually they get the message and she gets thorough fucked while her hubby holds her close.

Something bites my toe and as I jump back I almost impale myself on a hard cock that has swam up behind me which gives me more of a shock that the crab that nipped me!!

We swim out to the sand bank and take a load of pictures before I warped my legs around his waist and he pushed deep inside me. Im in heaven, the coolness of the water is making my breasts tingle, the sun is beating down and his cock is filling me. I'm close to cumming and he pulls my hips harder onto him until I let go and cover his cock in my juices.

We continue to fuck until I cum again and then he turns me round takes hold my hips and bends me over. His cock is so hard and his balls are thrashing against me, each wave that crashes over us sends him surging forward and deeper into me as we are throwing us off balance.

The sun is setting so we pack up and head back to the apartment, our evening plans are to go to Clair Obscure, the BDSM club. Last year it had been our first real BDSM club experience as a couple and I was excited to return as our experience and limits have changed and developed so much since last year.

Tuesday 16 October 2012

TMI - just friends?

1. Have you ever had a friendship with a someone where you secretly (or not so secretly) desired them?

Sort of, see answer 3

2. Are you prone to jealousy, suspicion or insecurity when your partner spends time with an attractive close friend without you? Why?

Not really, I'm not the jealous sort, for me love and sexual desire are not one, I find it a compliment to my partner admires another attractive female but wants me and I feel blessed that me and YSL have both love and desire for each other.

3. Has a previously platonic friendship ever bloomed into a sexual relationship?

It's bloomed to friends with benefits until he wanted more and I stopped the benefits.

4. Have you ever remained close friends with an ex-lover?

There is only one ex lover that won't speak to me anymore and that was because he said it hurt too much to speak to me and not have me. I was devastated to lose the friendship more than the relationship.

I still speak to Dutch, the Farmer  and even Marco  who was the first lover I had when I tried swinging still gets in touch from time to time to check how I am.

As for the man responsible for opening my eyes to swinging our path now cross on almost a weekly basis and we have a good friendship.

I've always valued friendship ahead of everything else in a relationship and even when things go wrong I've always been able to focus on the good stuff and keep the friendship side of things.

Bonus: Have you ever developed feelings for a “friend with benefits”? How did it develop, unfold, resolve?


We weren't meant to fall in love, we both set out to have just great sex no strings but then this happened....


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Saturday 13 October 2012

Sinful Sunday - all yours

I willingly knelt on the table and remained still taking the spanking but the belt had me squirming. YSL spotted the restraints and secured me to the table, I couldn't move an inch.

He picked up the 6 layer belt again and threw it harder. The weight behind it drew my breath and reddened my cheeks so much it burned in a way I've never felt before.

I loved being held their for him to do with what he wished, I only wished we had been alone and in a place he could of fucked me and taken full advantage of my exposed holes.

Sinful Sunday

Thursday 11 October 2012

Truly, madly, deeply (fisted)

What you don't see is the bigger picture...

I'm sucking the other guy, his wife is caressing me as YSL fists me so hard and deep, my juices are splashing her, YSL and my thighs.

YSL then lay me on my back, my head resting on his thigh, holding me so lovingly as he invites the other guy to lick and fist me, use me as he pleases.

Tuesday 9 October 2012

TMI - totally random

Hey, hey, hey, hey…Time to get random again on TMI Tuesday. Why? Because it is fun to know random stuff about you; it can reveal a lot about your personality.

 1. Tell us about your sluttiest act ever.
For me feeling slutty is connected to doing stuff in public otherwise it's just a kinky preference. This might have to be the most public I've had sex and it was very very slutty! And this is probably the sluttiest I've ever felt

 2. Have you ever played air-guitar. . .naked?

 Not an air guitar kind of girl, more likely to play with myself naked

 3. To what song do you most like to play air-guitar either clothed or naked?

 This was the song I listened to last time I was masturbating and thinking of YSL

 4. Are you good in bed? Why?

 No I'm utterly awful in bed, I lack enthusiasm and imagination

 (erm if you are new to this blog please note the above line is a lie and I'm likely to be one of the most open minded and enthusiastic lady you come across)

I do think it's all about connection with the other person/people. It doesn't matter ho good someone is if they just don't get what their partner needs or wants. That's what makes sex with YSL so utterly wonderful, he totally gets me, he understands what I need, reads my mood and reflects that in our intimacy. So if anyone should decide if I'm good in bed I think it's YSL :)

 5. What FEELS Sexy to you–tactile sensation? (Leave sight and taste out of this)
For me it's YSL's chest hair pressing against my breast, yesterday that first moment he pulled me close as we lay naked in bed took my breath away.

Bonus: Write a six word autobiography.
Born, grew, married,children, discovered myself

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Saturday 6 October 2012

Sinful Sunday - positively pink

Competition entry!

And all in such a great cause, go see who else is playing

Sinful Sunday

Truly madly deeply (fisted)

What you don't see is the bigger picture...

I'm sucking the other guy, his wife is caressing me as YSL fists me so hard and deep, my juices are splashing her, YSL and my thighs.

YSL then lay me on my back, my head resting on his thigh, holding me so lovingly as he invites the other guy to lick and fist me, use me as he pleases.

Wednesday 3 October 2012

A hint of what we did last night

8hours filled with do much naughtiness! We met a couple YSL already knows from his swinging endeavours as a single male.

After jovial chat over drinks we stripped and enjoyed the hot tub which was when the fun started. I have never seen an underwater blow job administered!!! I thought she would drown she was down for so long.

We headed back in to the house and the fun went up a gear. I have lots more pictures to share but frankly I'm too tired too edit so I will do it tomorrow.

Tuesday 2 October 2012

TMI - you wear it well

Thank you Gemma Jones for this week’s TMI Tuesday theme and questions focused on clothing.

 1. What is your most favourite thing to wear that you have in your closet at the moment?

 As the weather is getting colder my wardrobe is middle of transition from summer dresses to winter dresses worn with tights, stockings or leggings. Favourite is probably my black wrap dress, I'm wearing it tonight, I love the long fitted sleeves on it with the military buttons on the cuffs. I love wrap dresses, as a BBW I always think they are more flattering and show off my boobs!

 2. What is the one item of clothing that you have seen on one of your friends / workmates that you would steal for yourself if you had the chance?

 A good friend of mine has a lush black pinifor dress she wears with a white shirt under, I wish I had the figure for it as she always looks hot in it.

 3. What is the one thing that your partner wears that never fails to turn you on. Why does it turn you on so much?

 I love YSL in his pinstripe suit, there is just something so masculine and dominating.

 4. What is the one thing you wear when you want to attract the attention of your partner or others? I would probably got for something with a bit of cleavage showing and some stockings that are looking naughty. 5. When you want to feel sexy what do you wear and why?
I have a black off the should dress I like to wear of we are going to a club and I want to feel good about myself. YSL always seems pleased to see me in it so it gives me the confidence that I look good. There is a funny story about that dress though here.
6. If you had unlimited funds but could only shop for one type of clothing (shoes, lingerie, fetish etc) what would it be?
Shoes!!! Just bought a pair this morning, I will take a pic of the later today.

Bonus: Tell us about your favourite scenario, real or fantasy, that involves some kind of clothing or fetish wear.
So many to chose from, I shall share one about panties that I Was thinking about whilst masturbating recently...

I'm fully dressed, blindfolded and tied up with my hands above my head and my ankles bound together.
YSL slowly lifts my dress and I know he is staring at my panties which I can feel getting wetter by the second. He gentle holds my cunt through the fabric making me gasp and want more before paying attention to every inch of my body except my cunt. He eventual starts to peel my panties down exposing a little more of me. He is whispering in my ear that he is about to expose what is his.

My panties are level with my cunt but my shaved pubis is visible and he is kissing and lapping up escaping juice making me ache for more. He climbs on top of me and slips his cock in my slit, his cock is grazing my clit and hole but the panties stop him from being able to enter me.
I beg for him to fuck me but instead he rolls me over and exposes my bottom and crops it until im begging for him to stop. I can feel that he is masturbating and all of a sudden he stuffs his cock in my arse and fills me with his cum before pulling my panties back up.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!