Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Cap D'Agde - part 3 Sex on the beach

We were well prepared this year to ensure maximum comfort on the beach and I'm pleased we went for the larger umbrella as the temperature was easily in the early 30c's and we needed the shelter. We picked a spot central to the beach and surrounded by a few interesting couples.

We spooned watching the crowd and enjoying the odd show, the couple in front are engaged in fucking but it's the most bizzar afair. He looks early 50's well groomed, reasonable shape, she is mid 20's curvy, pretty, her position looks uncomfortable and the guy isn't pleased with single males watching so he keeps stopping the show and finally has an outburst when a single male sets up camp next to them. They stop fucking and pick up their his n hers suduko books.

Another couple nearby in there late 40's, well tanned, she has a womanly curvy figure, start kissing and masturbating each other, it soon moves to the wife giving an enthusiastic blowjob. YSL slips his hardness inside me and slowly fucked me as we watch the passionate display before us.

Our slow tender fucking mainly goes un noticed except for a couple a BBW fans that keep circling, they keep there distance respectful and i take the compliment as they smile with delight.

The more lively fucking starts as the beach thins out and the umbrellas come down, it's close to 6pm but its still really hot so we head into the sea.

There is a larger older lady in front of us, she looks like a school teacher, dinner lady or librarian, not a greedy girl that is about to get her fill of young cock. She is picking a couple of young studs and heads into the surf with her hubby and new friends for what looks to be a fantasy fulfilment. Each time they stop to fuck a flock of single men appear and try to get in on the action but stop play instead. Eventually they get the message and she gets thorough fucked while her hubby holds her close.

Something bites my toe and as I jump back I almost impale myself on a hard cock that has swam up behind me which gives me more of a shock that the crab that nipped me!!

We swim out to the sand bank and take a load of pictures before I warped my legs around his waist and he pushed deep inside me. Im in heaven, the coolness of the water is making my breasts tingle, the sun is beating down and his cock is filling me. I'm close to cumming and he pulls my hips harder onto him until I let go and cover his cock in my juices.

We continue to fuck until I cum again and then he turns me round takes hold my hips and bends me over. His cock is so hard and his balls are thrashing against me, each wave that crashes over us sends him surging forward and deeper into me as we are throwing us off balance.

The sun is setting so we pack up and head back to the apartment, our evening plans are to go to Clair Obscure, the BDSM club. Last year it had been our first real BDSM club experience as a couple and I was excited to return as our experience and limits have changed and developed so much since last year.

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  1. I love reading your blog posts... very sexy.
    I have always wondered though does YSL stand for young stud lover? young sexy lover? young slut lover? young sex lover?(yeah, that sounds pedo)
    I just always wonder what the YSL is for.