Thursday, 22 November 2012

Cathartic sex

Yesterday was awful, well at least until I heard the news that YSL had caught an earlier flight it was. After a day of tension at home I escaped and I'd just checked in and was about to step into the shower when I got his message he was sat on the Tarmac ready to take off. He wasn't meant to be there for hours yet but excitement rushed through me knowing he would be with me soon.

Before my hair was even fully dry he had landed and was walking over to the Hotel.

He stepped in the room and wrapped his arms around me, all the torment and stress of the day started to ebb away from me.

He opened the wine and took off his suit jacket and tie. I'm sat on the bed sipping my wine in a black negligee, I ask "shall I move over" he shook his head "lie back and part your thighs" he walked to the foot of the bed adored my cunt with his eyes first then moved in for a closer inspection.

The warmth and softness of his tongue against my cunt was at first a comforting and loving feeling but it quickly gave way to something more intense and driving me hard towards orgasm. He held both my wrists and ground his face into my cunt as the first orgasm ripped through me, his attention to my clit was relentless. He let go of my wrist and his fingers moved to enter my hole. His mouth remained locked around my clit as his entire hand worked inside to fist me thoroughly.

Before I recovered from my next orgasm YSL was organising furniture in the room. "Bend over here" was my next instruction. He looked every bit the Dom in his expensive suit pants, designer shirt and cuff links and the finishing touch of the riding crop in his hand.

I bent over the chair and felt him lift my negligee to expose my bottom. I closed my eyes tight and waited for the first strike almost with dread as its been so long since he last cropped me. He started gentle so I relaxed a little but it made for more of a shock as the next stinging strike hit. I heard it before it landed, I felt the entire shaft of the crop align across both cheeks before the pain hit. It took my breath away and I lifted up in hope of delaying the next strike but it earned me another hard one and I swiftly remembered not move away, at least I remembered to get back in position quickly.

"Stand by the bed" I moved as instructed and stood holding my warmed cheeks as he moved furniture again. The office type chair was now in front of the arm chair, I sat on the office chair, right on the edge and placed my feet either side of the arm chair as directed. My cunt was fully on show and YSL stool back to inspect. I gasped as I realised what was next, the crop struck my thighs first then he concentrated on my cunt lips. As the heat built and the pain increased he moved to crop my tummy then paused the expose my breast. He rapidly flicked the crop backwards and forwards, initially I felt only the air lick against my nipple but then he moved closer and my nipple was centre of a barrage of painful licks. He stopped only to strike around my breasts, my hands instinctively grasping my breasts to shield them forced YSL to clip them and start again. After a few more strikes of my cunt YSL sat on the armchair in front of me and pulled me onto his hard cock. Whilst hold my open he wanked himself so close to me that I could feel the tip of him against me making me ache for him to be deep inside.

He stripped and led me to the corner of the bed and in one liquid movement he was balls deep inside me, fucking me hard. His cock felt so good, i had been aching all week for this moment and I enthusiastically cum on his cock to thank him. YSL used the flowing juices from my cunt to lube my arse and he changed holes. He pushed straight inside and I felt that searing bite, my muscles clench and i feel every inch push inside. He started to move slowly at first and as I relaxed he was fucking my arse as hard as he had my cunt.

YSL knew I needed to shake off the stress and he continued to push my limits. He worked his hand into my cunt again and fisted me deep and fast as he fucked my arse, I was building for such an orgasm and as it hit it ripped through every inch of me, mentally and physically I was shuddering, YSL didn't stop despite my cunt gripping his hand tightly as I came and he kept my climaxing over and over until I had to give way to tears.

YSL took hold of me and lay by my side as I slowly recovered. His cock was still ridged and glistening with precum, I reached out to touch and admire it, slowly stroking it as it seemed to harden even more. His hand joined mine and I moved up to kiss him. I whispered "I love how hard you are for me, cum for me" he took over the strokes and I kissed him deep before taking a front row seat to watch his cum spurt from him.

Dinner was enjoyed along with more wine, YSL asked about all that was going wrong and listened as i off loaded my woes before returning back to the hotel room for more intimate holding. We slipped under the covers and cuddled so perfectly but before long YSL's hardness was pressing against my thigh and his fingers were exploring my clit. I moved round from him to fuck me in spoons position but instead he rubbed lube on my arse and worked in a couple of fingers then more until his knuckles where stopping him and I was writhing on the bed at my limit. I wanted more but my orgasm was looming and I knew if I took more it would be too much when I cum.

He pushed deeper and my orgasm sets me screaming with pleasure, YSL pulled back out as I begged him to hold me, he pulled me so close there wasn't a gap of air between us. After a few minutes my hunger returned and I pushed back onto him and he fucked my arse until he flooded me with cum, giving me everything I needed.

I adore that I didn't have to ask, YSL just knew what I needed and gave me it.

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  1. Beautiful post. And those images (especially the top one) are stunning!

    xx Dee