Monday, 12 November 2012

Tonight - luxury hotel

Just arrived at hotel, what a lush room! 2 bathrooms, sitting room, dining area and a bar...OMG

I haven't seen YSL for over a week and that was for only an hour or so. It's been almost a month since we had any quality time to ourselves with the holiday, hospital and him being busy with work.

We've had this date in our diary for months, we planned a rampage! Up till last night there should of been between 9 and 11 sexy peeps in our hotel suite but alas life as a swinger you know people will promise and then cancel. There looks to be about 6 which is a far better amount for not being noticed in the hotel.

I've really missed YSL and for me I want the party over and I just want him. It's been a difficult few weeks and especially the last 5days I have wanted his caring arms around me when I have not felt well.

We have the whole morning to ourselves so lots of duvet time and hopefully that blissful feeling of being woke by him penetrating me.

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