About me

There are 2 sides to me (at least) and 2 blogs that cover mostly what I get up to.

Im 37, tall, full figure (BBW) copper hair at the moment. I love high heels, naughty undies and I have a thing for kinky sex. I adore my children and have a disfunctional relationship with my husband but I love him still. I have a lover, YSL, he is the most amazing man, he makes me feel like me!

I welcome emails from people who read the blogs and happy to converse with you on and off there. Alternatively ask me a question through the formspring.me thingy on the site, you can ask anonymusly if you like and I tend to post most on the blog unless they are silly questions like can I have a shag!!

My email is yummyx at hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk but please only message to have conversation or make comment, I have some great new found friends from you guys who read, dont just ask for a shag, I will just delete or perhaps post your message for all to see how shallow and stupid you are(smiles and sticks tongue out).

The blog Sexual Adventures of a Married Woman covers my sex life, my fantasies, my previous liasons and enjoyment of my fetishes and kinks and my relationship with YSL.

The Wife, the Mother, the Boss that I am is covered in 21years no parole where I share my joy, my heart ache and the general bumps in the road that bring laughter or a tear in life.

I hope you enjoy and please leave comment as I love to know your thoughts or points of view.

Yummy xx