Saturday, 1 October 2011

Part 6 - Cap D'Adge, 10some on the beach

Im woke by gentle kisses from YSL, and his hand cupping my sex, I kiss him back and roll over ready to spoon.

Slow and loving, holding me so close, YSL whispers about the fun we had the night before, I start to giggle when he reminds me I had a prostitute licking me.

YSL heads to the shops for fresh croissants and bread, telling me not to move. He returns and prepares fresh coffee and we sit at the breakfast bar smiling at each other. I really feel settled, I hadn’t worried about how I would feel on holiday with YSL, I suppose everything just snow balled and I never really sat back and contemplated if I was ready to spend such a concentrated amount of time with a man Ive only known for 5 months. I think that also comes down to, as me and YSL call it, our snap moment, we are so in tuned together, so many similar preferences in life, food, people, work ethics... I also know he cares deeply for me, He has never said he loves me but Ive felt how much he loves what we have and that’s enough to have me here right now, loving him.

We rub sun lotion on each other, ensuring we haven’t missed anything as we are going to be on the beach for 5 hours, totally naked. Both taking our time and enjoying the practical requirements of rubbing lotion on every inch of each other.

Armed with beach mats and towels this time we take a slow walk along the beach.

We reach the hoards, the tightly packed swingers beach and YSL suggests I choose where we set up camp. I find us a spot in the centre of the beach with good views all around us.

Within minutes of settling down YSL tells me to look at my 6 o’clock, I turn round and my eyes are drawn to the most magnificent cock being slowly wanked. We cuddle up and spoon as we watch, YSL whispering how good that cock would be to be fucked by and he slides his cock inside me and we slowly fuck. Dutch (not to be confused with Dutch from last year) the owner of the fine cock knows we are watching, he lifts his cowboy hat and tips it as he smiles at us as we fuck.

We slowly fuck for well over an hour without drawing any attention to ourselves expect for the admiration of Dutch. The cheeky guy from the day before returns and offers his services to help YSL fuck me to which we deline, his persistence is amusing but becoming borderline an annoyance he gets the message and disappears. At 4 pm, its like a silent whistle goes, the beach turns from slow stealth like sexual activity with the odd show that people view from a distance and remain very respectful of privacy, enjoying the voyeurism from a distance, but at 4pm the unwritten rule seems to be pull up a chair and watch.

The single guys change from lying on their towels wanking slowly near playing couples to as YSL put it so well the auto trader pose, Its like they are trying to se inside the engine.

Dutch joins us on our towel for a chat about everything and nothing, clearly a hardened and adept swinger, he shares some of his experiences and he introduces his partner, Belgium, they come here most years for a week camping and playing. He comments how nice it had been watching us fuck and we repid the compliment on hiw much we had enjoyed watching him masturbate such a glorious cock. He bids fairwell and we get back to enjoying each other.

Crowds start to spring up around the beach and but we are too busy with each other. YSL sits up and tells me to lie back, he slowly wanks my clit and starts working his hand inside me.

I close my eyes and block out the world as I start to see a few people stop to watch. Before long YSL is fisting me hard, im gushing, cumming and enjoying every moment. Then I feel him press his other hand against me, his fingers delve inside and I know Im going to be double fisted Im soaked but I can feel YSL has also put extra lube on making sure I don’t get sore. It takes a few attempts to get both hands inside me, its so intense, I cum almost in seconds of him beign totally inside me, I open my eyes as YSL is waiting for me to calm down and see if he can keep going, as I do I see the crowd, there must be over a hundered, mainly couples, the crowd encircles our towel and Dutch’s towel. I see women and men both discussing how its done, doing the praying action with both hands. In the middle of it all a woman even comes over and tells me its amazing to see. Above my head are dozens of wanking cocks. I close my eyes and YSL works his magic again, pleasing me and a 4 deep crowd.

I cum again, this time I need to stop, my whole body feels like its connected to the mains electric. YSL I sit up and YSL holds me close as the audience applauds us. Im giggling, shaking, post orgasmic… a mess!

We haven’t finished but we wait for the crowd to move on before YSL starts to fuck me doggy style. Just as A crowd starts to build again Dutch, Belgium and a few other people started playing next to us, YSL tells me to go join in. I turn round and Dutch smiles and says he is pleased we are joining him. I join an Israeli Lady licking and sucking Dutch’s cock while YSL continues to fuck me doggy style I then move forward and enjoy licking Belgium’s cunt. YSL rims me and then sits back and watches, I encourage him to share Belgium’s cunt with me, we kiss and lap at her clit.

There are about 10 of us now, all heaving bodies all licking, sucking, touching and kissing. Dutch asks if I want his cock, YSL nods and so do I He has no condoms so I retrieve one from my bag and end over ready for it. YSL holding me still as I kiss Israeli lady and play with her breasts.

His cock feel amazing, he is so hard as he pushes inside, holding my hips and fucking me so well.

YSL tells Dutch to fuck my arse, he lubes my hole and slowly pushes his long shaft inside me. YSL Holds me and whispers to me what he knows is going through my mind, that he had chosen who could fuck me, he told them to fuck both holes, all things that turn me on so much, I feel so totally his.

He swaps back to fucking my cunt and ensures I cum before the 10some starts to end. There are too many single guys now trying to join in and we bring the show to an end. More applause and as the crowd goes we go back to finishing business. Dutch says he wants to ‘paint’ us ladies. He kneels up, cock in hand and wanks himself as me and Belgium kiss and await being covered by him, we are both open mouthed and as he spurts jets of cum, he leans in and kisses both of us, taking his cum back of us in turn.

We head out into the sea to bath the cum and the sand from us, YSL pulled me close and I could feel him harden, I slowly wank him until he is rigid and then wrap my legs around his waist, He pushes inside and fucks me for the first time in the sea. The tide rocks us slowly and YSL pumps his hips and makes for the most arousing moment, it was like movie sex, everything felt perfect, I felt the warmth of my cum as I shuddered on his cock, has hands gasping me and pulling me close.


  1. Not sure what I desire more: the opportunity for a day on the beach like this or YSL's stamina to make such a success of it.