Tuesday, 25 October 2011

TMI Tuesday

1. Name 5 things you did more of before social networking (facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.)?

I don't think I did anything more as I'm quiet passive with Facebook, it's very rare I go on there even rarer that I do an update. Twitter has become an increasing interest but thankfully due to the iphone I do it on the go.

2. Your house is on fire, what do you grab as you run out?
My children and the Hitachi, my pleasures in life :)

3. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Assuming you mean sex... Both please, but if I can only have one night please then I will work out how to temp you by the morning.

a. What time did you go to bed last night?
About midnight, I was at ysl's until 11pm having such a loving evening curled up in bed.

b. What time did you wake up today?
I didn't sleep well, I was too aroused, we had been playing with the riding crop before I left and the result was being so turned on. I woke at 4 with my fingers buried in my wet cunt masturbating, I continued until I came and went back to sleep

4. A kid comes up to you and kicks you in the shin, what do you do?
Just seen programme trailer for 'the slap' where a guy slaps the kid fir doing that. I think I would take a deep breath and go find the parents. A violent reaction to this sort of behavior would reinforce the child's idea of how to deal with tough situations.

5. What three things do you never leave the house without?

Money, keys, bullet vibrator

Bonus: Name a place that you visited last week that you’ve never visited before. Briefly tell us about the visit.

I visited number 10 on my pain threshold with YSL and very much enjoyed it, it was intence, I wanted it to stop but as soon as I did I wanted more. I will be going there again soon.

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  1. We loved reading your answers, as we've loved everything about your blog. Great choice grabbing your Hitachi on the way out of the house! We like your answer to #4 as well, as we both feel that trying to discourage violence with further violence, especially when relating to children, is ridiculous and counter-productive. Jill, too, carries her bullet vibrator everywhere she goes, though she didn't state this in her answer (she said "my purse", which is where the bullet is carried). And your answer to the bonus question was very intriguing!

  2. 2. Hahaha! You are a scream :D

    3. Get your mind out of the gutter. I was merely talking sleeping habits.

    a. Awww

    b. Wish I was there
    (btw...nice photo up there)

    5. Wow...you are just always "on" aren't you? (And I love it!)

    Bonus: Congrats my new little pain slut ;-)

    You were SexyNaughty as usual, Happy TMI Tuesday.


    My TMI Tuesday is here:

  3. I love my Hitachi as well but I left it behind in my answer. :)

    Great answers.