Sunday, 23 October 2011

Part 10 - Cap D'Agde, watersports and the dunes

The conversation of watersports had come up a few times between us and when we had seen thd large wet room at the apartment we had both made comment, nothing more was said but after YSL had woke me, his cock inside me and fucked me until we had both came together, i headed to the bathroom. I really needed to pee but i thought this was an opportunity not to miss. I stood against the shower wall and called for him. When he arrived i pulled him close to me, kissed him deeply and placed his hand between my thighs just as the hot stream of pee started. I wasn't sure if he was even going to enjoy this but I felt comfortable to try it with him. His cock responded hardening against me, telling me he enjoyed it very much.

After a quick trip to the shops for bread, we get to the beach earlier than normal, fully equipped with picnic, umbrella and beers. It was hot so we spent the first hour or so lay close under the shade. We were surrounded by couples many of them slowly fucking or giving each other oral.

We decide to take a walk into the dunes, we hadn't even got past the enterance there is action. An older lady, about 60, attractive and in good shape is being gang banged. A crowd surrounds her, when we arrive we are about 3 deep in naked people watching. I alert YSL to an ambitious young guy trying to find a short cut to the action and a better view, I whisper "the definition of optimism" just as he looses his footing and lands butt first in a bush. The whole crowd stops to laugh at his misfortune, he springs up and laughs but you could tell his pride and ass cheeks were in tatters. The fucking and cock wanking/ sucking continued, my mind wandered to how comfortable everyone was, guys with naked errect guys wanking while watching right behind them, every now and then I could see their cocks rub against them, I wondered how accidental it was. Just then I learned a lesson.... Don't stand with idle hands in an aroused wanking crowd as a cock was thrust into my palm by another optimistic soul!

We walk through the dunes from there, some if the guys following us, the Cap D'Agde version of Logans Run, stop and your fucked!

YSL wants to walk to the end of the Dunes but my leg was too sore and didn't want to ruin it for the night. We head back and grab ice creams, enjoying them stood knee deep kn the sea watching a bukake. There must of been 2 dozen men around the woman, wanking there cocks, hoping to be sucked and shooting cum on her.

Back at our stead on the sand we spoon, YSL deep inside me, slowly fucking while we watch a couple fuck, she is riding him, we can see in detail his cock move in and out. A little further down the beach a large older couple fuck and provide an arousing show along with 2 others right next to us. At one point during the afternoon as we looked round there were about 4 or 5, the ladies sucking their partners cocks, then it was like dominoes, one at a time all cumming, it was mind blowing to see. It was like watch 5 porn films all end simultaneously.

A couple set up camp next to us and enjoy watch me and YSL fucking, I'm on all fours taking him deep as they masturbate each other. YSL pulls out and I take his cock in my mouth, it's our turn to watch them. I get the feeling they want to play with us but it's not clear so I stick to sucking YSL's cock.

Once they cum they pack up and leave and we take the opportunity to head back early and gets some photos in the sea.

Back at the apartment we enjoy our nightly bathing of each other, when he finished using the shower in my cunt to get the sand out he pushes it in my arse and fills me with water. He kisses me and whispers he will leave me some privacy. It was such an arousing action, just doing something so intimate to me.

Once dried off I enjoy my first opportunity to shave YSL. I've never shave a mans balls before and I thoroughly enjoyed the intimacy and trust between us as well as doing something so caring.

We make dinner together and sit outside as the sun sets, sipping wine and reflecting how amazing the week has been so far.

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  1. I'm still marveling at how natural it can be for everyone to walk around nude and have sex whenever and wherever they feel the urge. And with whomever consents. What great times the rest of us are missing.

  2. wow what an experience.