Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Marital Home

Last night was such a special night for many reason, but the most important for me was YSL seeing a part of my life he hasn’t previously.

We’ve been together nearly 6 months and its just flown by, every moment spent with him has been valued and enjoyed. Having him in my life has enriched it in ways I can not begin to put into words. Ive never felt so at ease with someone, able to ask anything and worry about being judged, rejected or laughed at.

I invited YSL for dinner, yes to my marital home. Hubby was away and the kids away on a trip. I prepared something simple for tea as I didn’t want to spend the night faffing, I wanted him to see me at home. He arrived at 7:30 just as I was preparing the food. While the venison sausages sizzled away we chatted, enjoyed a drink and I showed him round the downstairs. Its silly I know but I want him to be able to imagine what I’m doing, if I message I’m curled up on sofa he can now picture that.

Just being in his presence makes me feel uplifted, I feel the weight of the day dissipate as he holds me in the kitchen

Dinner is enjoyed and my efforts appreciated, I suggest we have dessert later and I make him a pot of coffee before we head upstairs. We kiss at the foot of the bed before I take the lead undressing him. Im trembling before we even start, the emotional intensity of being in my bed has me almost over whelmed already.

I remove my dress and lie on the bed, YSL parts my legs and leans forward to kiss me. I feel his cock stiffening against my thigh as we kiss deep and passionately. He slowly rubs my clit and comments on how swollen and engorged she feels. I’m soaked as his cock pushes inside and my wetness increases as he delivers long slow thrusts inside me. It doesn’t take long before I’m about to cum, every ounce of me is welling up with pleasure.

I cum hard on his cock and the sound of the increased moisture is delicious. He pulls out and begin licking up the juices that are escaping from me, he is literally drinking from my cunt. He slips his fingers inside and penetrates me while licking adamant I’m going to cum again on his face. Again my body stiffens and this time I cum even harder, I’m shaking and my eyes fill up its so intense. He lies beside me and holds me close, kissing me and encouraging me to enjoy the moment. He moves back between my legs as I lie on my side, we both enjoy this position for depth of penetration and access to touch each other. His cock feels even harder as he fucks me forcefully. I can feel his tip pushing against my cervix. I reach round and feel his cock as it pushes inside me, caress his balls and feel the wetness trickly out of me with each thrust.

He pulls out again and leans forward this time to lick my cunt. He slurps and eats my cunt hungrily like its his last meal, im writhing in his arms and holding onto his beautiful cock. Trying to wank it but I’m too far in gone, his attention to my cunt has me on the edge of cumming. I want to cum but im not, I need pushing over the edge, I seem to be at tipping point for ages, it feel wonderful yet desperate, so intensely wanting to cum but its not happening, every part of my is aching with the need for release, he pushes his fingers inside me and I start to cum, I even hear it het YSL in the face as it jetted out of me. I was in a such a euphoric emotional state from cumming so much, YSL’s face was literally dripping, the bed covered. He held me so close, loving me. He holds my bu, cheeks firmly, holding me open, knowing how feeling exposed like that arouses me.

As I recover he tells me he is going to have a sip of coffee then fuck me on all fours. I turn round and get into position, as he put his cup down he turned to see me bent over with my cunt and ass presented to him.

He slipped his cock immediately into me and fucking me hard, telling me how wonderful I look, telling me how much he loves fucking me, holding my hips tightly as he pounds me. After a seriously deep hard fucking I feel his cock swell and harden which tips me over the edge again, he jets his cum deep inside me and we collapse back onto the bed and make it back into each others arms.

As we lie together talking he tells me something that has had me smiling ever since, he tells me how I’m the second person ever in his life that he has felt so assured and happy in a relationship with, the first is his significant other of 15 years. It’s how I feel about him, I never doubt him being there for me, I consider him my best friend as much as my lover. I bring homemade apple crumble to bed to enjoy together and enjoy just being close.

He starts stroking my nipples and he is amused by the rate of it hardening and going from almost inverted to rigid, he continues to play and it arouses me. His hand moves to my clit and he locks his mouth around me nipple, sucking and biting it so hard I’m wriggling and pushing away, I love him torturing my nipples that way. I take hold of his cock and use it as my muse while he plays with me, frigging me hard until I cum again, each time harder and more powerfully.

His cock is hard as I wank him, he tells me he wants to cum on my clit, I part my thighs and he kneels between my legs. I hold open my cunt for him and he wanks himself hard as I tell him I want his cum. He violently shoots his cum all over my exposed cunt. As he lies back next to me, he slips his fingers between my wet slit and rubs his cum into me ensure I cum one more time before he departs.

It felt like we had only been in the bedroom for an hour tops but it was nearly midnight when he snook out of me house.



  2. Sounds like a perfect evening! Also very hot picture!

  3. Very exciting and vivid account of a very sexy evening! We almost feel like we were there (and we kinda wish we were)! Great job, and we can't wait to read more.

  4. Wow - just fantastic. Look forward to hearing about your next meeting.

  5. Reminds me so vividly of my trysts in married lovers' homes. That feeling of lust satisfied from sex on the marital bed is indescribable. As is that beautiful pic of YSL's cock entering you.