Saturday, 14 May 2011

Met YSL again part 3 ... Very naughty even by my standards

Back on the bed we kiss and embrace, he takes my breath away as he squeezes my nipples firmly. He is finding my limits and I'm enjoying every moment.

He tells me to move, he is sat at the top of the bed. He wants to look at me he says, just enjoy me. I'm now lay with my legs apart over him, lay back head towards other end of the bed. He pulls me close and teases my clit and holes with his cove tip.

He pushes deep inside my ass and pushes his hand in my pussy. It feels intense and arousing as I feel him starting to wank his own cock through my pussy wall. I cum hard as he is doing this, using my wetness he forces his other hand in, it takes a few attempts for me to take it but I manage to relax enough to take him inside. Almost instantly I start to cum hard, the physical pleasure of being so full of him mixed with the mental thought of what he was doing, I was totally giving myself to him, powers the hardest orgasm. As I'm cumming jets of my cum shoot out, I can see the results turning him on and he hardens even more so in my ass. He is relentless and keeps me in a state of climax and I'm lay helpless to do anything except cum and shudder.

He removes one hand and wanks himself harder inside me. It's new and deeply arousing sensations are driving me wild. I'm literally speechless and quivering when he pulls out and holds me, I adore this moment as we are close together drinking in the moment.

He is still so hard for me and we end up spooning again and his hardness slips into me. He alternates fucking both holes until he pulls out, slips the church candle back inside, he puts on a cock ring and reenters my ass. He is so hard and full, he reaches and holds my clit, he comments how thick and full it is as he slowly fucks me. From the 8 hours of full on activity my pussy and ass are tender and sensitive, not sore, but it means Im feeling everything, I can almost feel every contour of his cock as it moves in and out of me.
Im amazed at how different this feels from earlier; the results the same though I'm cumming, loving every moment, as I'm contracting from cumming he fills me again, I feel every drop jet inside me me. I adore this moment as he shudders and pushes so close.

We enjoy each other, just talking and stroking each other. I feel so at ease in his company. It's nearly time I have to leave but before I go he touches my clit, he sharply intakes breath when he feels how swollen a d full it is. He moves to look at it and he moves in to kiss it. This was the beginning of the most wonderful oral. He devours me, he is slurping as I'm getting wetter, he is relentless as he pleasures me. I cum as he pushes his fingers inside me, he doesn't stop, he keeps adoring my pussy and keeps licking and teasing me until I drench him once more.

We part after more kissing and holding... Instantly I'm aching for him again.

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  1. I really do need to read your blog from the beginning, but this set of three posts not only gave me a raging erection, but also reminded me (in a good way) of beautiful encounters of my own that went on and on.