Friday, 20 May 2011

YSL takes control part 2

While I'm still trembling from cumming he slides inside me and I welcome his hardness. He takes his time, slowly pushing then almost withdrawing, making me feel every inch. He holds my hands, kissing, making love. His eyes are fixed on mine as he searches for my next climax.

I reach for a drink, he takes advantage of my position change and enters me from behind, initially in my cunt then pushed his cum covered cock in my ass. He is lay upon me, he moves my hair from my face then reaches under me to hold my breasts. While he fills me he talks to me, he tells me how much he wants me to feel satisfied, he tells me to cum for him, he tells me he desires me. It turns me on hearing his words, the affection and encouragement coupled with the airtight closeness sends me over the edge again. The thrusts become more deliberate and I feel his cock swell inside me then the first of tonight's cum fills my ass, he groans in such a primitive sexual way as he climaxes, holding me tightly.

We retire to the kitchen to prepare nibbles and choose wine. Kissing still  top of the menu as we enjoy each other out of the bedroom. The food and conversation are delicious.

While eating I take the opportunity to share with him how I want what we have to last. I want him to know that what we have is special to me, I'm hesitant because I don't want to sound like I'm pushing, I dont want to push him away, I'm relieved as he agrees with me.
We are sat at opposite ends of the sofa, I'm wearing just a baby doll slip, I allow my legs to part and my hand travels to my swollen clit. He responds to seeing me by stroking his hardness, my breathing changes as I'm getting close, he joins me at my end of the sofa and pushes inside. He fucks me hard.

I want it harder, I ask him to bend me over, pull my hair and fuck me hard. He obliges.

I'm bent over the end of the sofa when enters me, he takes a handful of my hair and rides me hard. He spanks me with authority in between thrusts, it takes my breath away and turns me on. He turns my head and tells me what he going to do to me. He tells me to cum on his cock. I cum hard, my legs almost give ways as I cum, his verbal encouragement is so welcomed and it's having the right effects. 

We return to the bedroom and hold each other.  Our closeness is increasing, I feel able to totally relax and give myself to him. I adore the moments when he holds me, he looks at me with such desire. We spoon and our intentions change, his arms are around me, holding me, then one moves to between my legs.

He is holding me so intently, his words are dirty yet so passionate and giving. He tells me what is going to happen next, how he us going to take me, fill me, fuck me. He pushes inside me and tells me he wants me, that he is loving me as he drives himself deep inside me. He pulls out then pushes fully back inside telling me I had to remember how much he filled me, making sure I'd have to adjust to his size each time he re entered me. He moves my leg so he can get his fingers to my cunt and without hesitation he pushes inside and fists me. He takes hold of his cock through my cunt wall and sends me delirious with pleasure and near my limit, I cum so hard, as a squirt it sprays my legs and all the way to my feet covering the bed. He continues to masturbate me through my cunt until he gets close to cumming. He says he is going to cum in my cunt, he moves his cock inside it and fucks me hard but the temptation of my ass is too great and he pushes back inside and pounds me until he floods me again. I'm holding 2 loads of cum now deep inside.

Part 3 coming soon :)

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  1. Love your stretched pussy - - just saying..... Mr. Smith