Wednesday, 25 May 2011

YSL takes control part 3

We take a moment to relax and enjoy conversation and explore thoughts and our new sex toys. He hasn't ventured to the bondage side before so we play and test the fetish toys.

The wartenberg wheel was the first to be tried. I've never experienced it before myself but found it a sensory treat as he slowly rolls it over my skin. I know that coupled with a blind fold it will feel more intense, the tickling sensation may feel more of a slice, but in trusting arms I know that will be a delightful mind fuck. He tries it against his skin and enjoys the sensation on certain more fleshy areas but feels the cutting sensation on sensitive areas, my mind wanders to perhaps reversing roles one day soon and letting him experience sensual bondage, adore and tease him.

My new paddle was put to test, I had forgot what a delicious sharp sting it delivers, YSL asks for me to spank him with it so he understands how it feels when he uses it. I start gently then deliver a couple more stinging smacks, his bum cheeks were pink and so inviting.

I love how open and able we are to do this, how interested he is to give me pleasure.

Attentions moved to my attachment for the hitachi wand. He attaches and admires. I must say it's proper quality, the latex texture us great. He plugs in the wand and places it ready for playing.

We mess around with the other toys but our conversation moves to kisses, it says much more than words at this stage. He takes the wand and pushes it against me and switches on. It feels devine. The attachment is channeling the sensations direct to my gspot and clit simultaneously. He has me cumming and writhing, wanting to pull away due to sensitivity but I also don't want him to stop, mental and physical conflict.

We end up making love before falling asleep entwined in each others arms. I felt so at ease and wanted.

I woke only about an hour later and he took hold of me and kissed me. The feeling of intimacy at this point was so great, waking in the arms of my lover has me aching and drenched. I urge his had between my legs and he feels how wet and swollen I am. He gently massages my clit and teases my fleshy lips while he looks so passionately and intently at me.

He disappears from the room and returns with coffee and climbs back into bed next to me, the duvet pulled up to our necks, so close and loving.

He mounts me and kisses as he slowly pounds my cunt. He talks to me, he tells me what he is going to do to me.

"I'm going to make you cum next with my mouth "

He punctuates his words with hard firm strokes

"Then I'm going to fuck you in the ass"

"You get to choose from behind or spoons".... I choose spoons

"Good choice" .... He disappears between my legs and licks me with such vigour and passion, he pushes his fist inside, it makes me so aware of the 2 loads of cum in my ass, I can feel it moving around with each penetrating push and takes me to heaven, I'm cumming, he's stimulating my gspot and my clit, I'm shaking with pleasure.

I become aware of the time and no it must come to an end shortly but I'm not distracted by it, just intent on enjoying every last second he is near me, inside me.

A moment of being held as I recover switches to the ass fucking I was promised. He slips inside, he feels so big, it takes me a moment to accommodate him.

His arms are pulling me onto him, he pushes in long firm strokes, filling me completely. I adore the moments just before he is going to cum, his cock goes from hard to rigid, he rhythm becomes so distinct and penetrating, I'm waiting for my 3rd load of cum to fill my ass.

He gifts it to me, I feel his warmth squirt inside me.

He holds me and smiles, we both know we need to hurry but not wanting to break the embrace or the moment.

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