Sunday, 1 May 2011

The next few hours

When finished adoring and moisturising every inch of me he sat on the floor in front of me. Smiling at me. I'd been feeling guilty for absorbing all the pleasure so far but it was clear from his expression he was enjoying the moment as much. We drank more wine and nibbled pizza whilst trying to put into words how amazing this night.. The past week had been. The way he kept looking at me was deep and adoring, it has been so long since I've felt that someone has really seen me until now.

He climbs onto the bed and enters me. Pushing deep inside me and leaning forward to suck on my nipples and kiss me. He fucks me tenderly, this man is striking a chord on every level for me. It's nit ling before I feel the build up of my first orgasm, his encouragement 'cum on my cock for me' sends me over the edge and I cum hard, he pucks up paces and ensures I'm in the throws of another orgasm quickly.

He excitedly tells me he has a gift for me, he hands me a large gold gift bag and giggle with anticipation. I rip open the gift to find every girl with a high sex drives dream... An hitachi wand!!!!! Such a generous gift to buy me full stop but as gifts go this is the definitive gift that keeps on giving.

He plugs it in and positions himself between my thighs and turns it on. OMG, I've only ever experience one of these once before, my clit was so engorged from all the teasing and fucking it was like I was plugged into the mains. He took great pleasure in teasing me with it then applying pressure and turning it on to top speed. I was squeeling with delight as I came, writhing as he was relentless holding it firm on my sensitive 'just cum' clit, he knows I love the bitter sweet torture of it.

As he lies back on the bed I start to kiss and lick his balls, tracing my finger over his tip and teasing him. I use my tongue to trace the contours of his cock before taking him in my mouth. My moist fingers trace to his ass and gently tease him. His precum tastes as sweet as him, I move from gentle teasing to taking him deep in my mouth. I encourage his hands to join me and he wanks into my mouth as I work the tip of my finger into him. Before long he shoot cum into my mouth, I hold still taking every last drop before a release his cock and we kiss, exchanging his cum, it was intoxicating as he smelled and tasted of me, mixing it was such a fantastic stimulus for all the senses.

After holding each other, kissing and boundless discussions he rolls me over and mounts my ass, I love the feeling of him inside it. He has a bigger than average cock and it fills me, he starts slowly allowing me to relax and accommodate him then he picks up ferocity. I'm in such an aroused state, he tells me while pounding my ass he is going to stop and lick me, his Tongue belongs inside me right now, I don't argue and adore the feeling as he pulls out then sinks his Tongue inside me and over my holes. I'm close to climax again when he slams his cock inside me, I feel him go so ridgid, I know he us also going to cum. He floods my ass with cum and holds me, both shuddering, such a connected moment.


  1. fuck me this post is hot..... I am so horny now...

  2. I am speechless...and wet.