Sunday, 29 May 2011

Prostate Massage

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Whilst I know you all think Im pretty experienced at most things in the bedroom one aspect I haven’t done much with is Prostate massaging. I have once given a direct prostate massage and had a few other attempts but nothing great. Last week while YSL was masturbating I decided to take the sofar teasing his ass to penetrating it with my fingers. We have discussed it before as he has a few toys on his night stand including a feeldoe so I knew it would be welcomed.
Ive never inserted a toy into a partner except him but I used to hold it in position and make him push back onto it so he controlled the speed/pressure. I thought I would read up on the subject a little more and found this cute video

YSL really seemed to enjoy the prostate massage as I came hard in my mouth and then was still hard, he rolled me over and fucked me until he came again.


I want to explore more of this with him but don’t want to be fumbling when I do so Id really like the male perspective on what works on doesn’t work for you with anal play. Also what toys you have or would want as I’m thinking of getting him one as a gift click here to see the choice I have.

As you know I love anal play and get so much from it and want to be able to share the pleasure with him but I am also aware of if its not done right it can really hurt and put a dampner on things.

What has worked for you and your partners? Which sex toys do you both prefer and get the most pleasure from?

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  1. Walgreens has a surprising selection of "sexual wellness" products, including toys intended for prostate play / massage. Since they're actually a reputable company, I trust them more than many other sites. Although, there are some that seem very focused and advanced.

    I think the Dai-Dö products look promising.