Sunday, 29 May 2011

Last week was amazing with YSL (part 1)

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Trust between us has clicked into place, I didn't worry he would cancel, he never has, I just expect to be let down by people.

I'd spent the day smiling knowing that the night was going to be sheer bliss. I was so right.

During the week he has read a book on topping and I wondered what impact it would have. I didn't want it to scare him off, whilst I enjoy being submissive in the bedroom it's not the be all, I'd trade it in a second to enjoy his company I adore how he makes me feel.

His emails assured me that he had enjoyed the book and that if anything it had reassured him that his intuitive actions were correct. His emails also had me wet and so excited to be with him.

I arrive and bring in the food treats for the night, it's become such a wonderful part of our time together breaking to eat but more importantly connect outside the bedroom and talk.

We kiss and take sips of wine, his eyes are all over me followed by his hands. He tells me how lovely I look, I know he means it, his eyes and smile said it first.

We take the wine upstairs and we kiss passionately, he suggest I enjoy my wine as shortly I wont be able to. He places the restraints around my wrists and prepares the ceiling hook with the tethers ready to attach me. I'm awaiting him undressing me but it isn't happening. I'm tied fully dressed for him to adore and appreciate. I can't hide from him.

I have conflicting emotions, I feel so vulnerable yet so adored.

He takes his time touching me and kissing me everywhere except where I ache for him too. Slowly he kisses my feet, ankles, thighs. He moves to my face he kisses my cheeks, I turn to catch a kiss and he firmly turns my head away. He chastises me for my impatience.

As he places on the blindfold. I'm so aroused, I can feel my wetness moving down my thighs. He talks to me, his face pressed cheek to cheek with me, speaking slowly and quietly he tells me how much he wants me, how much he is aroused by the mere sight of me. I can feel his hardness pressed against me and I want it so much.

He returns to teasing me, he kisses my thighs and discovers my wetness, he buries his head into my crotch and inhales my arousal. Just as I feel an amount of relief he pulls away and gets a glass of wine. I know he is watching me, I can feel it. When his hands retouching me he us behind me, whispering in my ear, telling me what is going to happen next, his hands drop to my thighs, his nails dragging across my skin until they meet my panties.

He pushes himself against me and he shudders with delight, he is so hard. Next sensation was his tongue and lips on the backs of my thighs and tracing my panties, pausing only to take in my arousal.

My hands are untied a moment to remove my dress, I sip wine while I know he is admiring me. I'm down to my underwear and feeling more exposed but comfortable with the situation. From his words I know I don't need to worry about how I look, he wants to take his time absorbing in every inch of me.

I'm tied again and his words are more intense, he tells me how he is going to tease me, how he us going to fill both holes then spank me before he will even consider allowing me to cum. My clit is so hard, I'm pressing my thighs together and can feel how swollen it is.

'Open your legs as far as you can' is my next instruction. I’m restricted by being tied to the ceiling but I stand legs as wide apart as I can. He presses his face against my crotch, his tongue dances over my lips a moment. It feels so wonderful, it's like someone has turned up the volume on my sensitivity, after a few teasing licks he retreats, I'm not allowed my relief yet.

My underwear is slowly removed, the moment my bra was taken off I felt so naked even though I still had my panties on.

My panties are removed slowly, im almost breathless as the are peeled away from me, he puts them against my face, they are soaked and evidence of just how turned on I am is felt and smelt.

He leaves the room a moment, time stands still, im listening for his return, my whole body is yearning for him, I need his touch against my skin urgently.

YSL tells me to place one foot on the bed, the coldness of the church candle is pressed against my cunt lips and he starts pushing in. Slowly I take it, it is so big I'm full in every direction. My lips barely just close around it to hold it in place.

I almost cum just from it being pushed inside, I'm so close to the edge.
Once I have adjusted to it he presses his cheek to mine again and tells me he is about to put in a large butt plug as well, then when I'm so full he is going to spank me, only then will he remove the butt plug and fuck my ass.

He pulls on my nipples making me gasp before moving round to push the butt plug in, its too much I want to cum, I’m trying my best not too, I’m begging him to stop as I want to cum for him, cum on his cock when he is ready. I gain control a moment he unties me and holds me as I’m in a state, he tells me to try and sit down but I cant I’m too full the candle is restricting me but the movement when I tried to move in such a state triggers my orgasm.

He holds me as I stand there naked, cumming, shaking, still blindfolded, so totally his.

He removes the blindfold when I have recovered and tells me to bend over, using the window ledge to steady myself I follow his instruction. He hold me close as he prepares to spank me. YSL tells me its going to be a hard spanking. Not too many but very firm.

I’m flinching with every moment of his hands, bracing myself for the impact and the sting. SMACK, ouch, he was right, harder than normal or maybe it was how sensitive I was. The candle and butt plug were still inside and the strike of his hand made them both move inwards like being fucked. He taps on the but plug making it tease my ass then SMACK another hard one. I can feel the heat rage in my skin immediately.

He continues to talk to me, telling me of my reward, of how he is going to fuck me and give me my first load of cum. SMACK, SMACK SMACK… I can feel an orgasm building but trying to hold back as I know it will make the spanking feel more intense. I can't stop it, my knees buckle as I cum. He holds me and tells my I have 2 more spanks left to take.


  1. I very much would like to get ceiling restraints, though that's not practical for the hotel sex I have most of the time with my lovers. The blindfolding, the withholding of orgasm, the fisting, the spanking and of course the cunnilingus are all delights I know very, very well.