Saturday, 7 May 2011

Part 4

He holds me tightly as I recover from the double fisting but it's not long before his cock slips into my tender ass.

He moves slowly rubbing my engorged clit, we are both in a passionate frenzy, he roles me over and remounts my ass this time with more force. He pounds me hard until he fills me again. His hole body tense against mine as he cums hard and deep, he grunts and moans in such a raw sensual way, it gives me goose bumps.

After more closeness and affection he disappears to make coffee, he appears with a lovers feast of coffee, fruit juice and smoked salmon muffins, almost as delicious as he is. We sat and talked in the bed as we refuelled our bodies ready for more passion.

It doesn't take long for the conversation moves to kisses and for his hand to migrate to my pussy. He caresses my lips and comments how much he adores the shape and feel of my cunt... I adore his hands, his mouth, his cock all in or on my cunt.

He starts to tease my clit with his cock, slowing circling my clit I'm pushing towards him trying to capture his cock inside me but failing as he pulls back teasing me. He has me aching for him and urgently needing him inside, he pushes his fist into my wetness and then tips me over the edge by stuffing his hard cock into the palm of his hand while it's inside me.

He wanks himself slowly whilst fisting me. I'm at my limit both capacity and pleasure/pain. It's delivering mixed emotions and an intense build up to an explosive orgasm as each move as he wanks pushes my gspot and sets me gushing onto him.

We mess about together teasing and exploring more until the bath beaconed. We were both ready for such intimacy and closeness after all the nights passion and erotic fun.

He takes his time bathing me, washing every inch, it's not a sexual act, just purely sensual and affectionate. It's what was needed. It makes me feel so wanted and desired. It's the highlight of my entire time spent.

I enjoy bathing him slowly, loving the intimacy it brings, I feel so content in this space with him.

We eventually fall back into the bed holding each other, I tell him how swollen and sensitive my clit feels and he takes a closer inspection. Firstly with his fingers then with his mouth. Yet again he has me writhing in his arms as he throws me into another climax, he holds me tight and forces me to enjoy his administration of more delightful oral despite how sensitive it all feels.

He enters me and Fucks me slowly and beautifully ending in a collapsed heap holding each other.

It's about 3pm and time for me to leave the man in peace, neither wanting it to end but both needing to get back to reality. We kiss passionately and just as I was about to get up and leave I ask him to make me cum once more, greedy I know but I can't get enough of him.

He grabs the hitachi and starts slowly and gently on me knowing and seeing how swollen and tender my clit is. Then clearly he decided I needed to be taught a lesson for being greedy, knowing it would drive me wild at this stage and state, he takes hold of me and turns up the hitachi to full blast, I'm screaming, writhing, trying to pull away and loving every intense second of it.

I leave with such a smile on my face and damp panties.

I'm seeing him again Tuesday for a filthy afternoon and hopefully spending the night with him the following Monday.. I'm adoring every second in this mans company he oozes sex appeal and sexual intelligence. I ache to be spooning in his arms again.

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