Wednesday, 18 May 2011

YSL takes control

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I arrive at YSL's place, the door is open and I enter. I'm greeted by a warm smile and open arms. As we kiss I'm pleased reality feels as good as my imagination.

We head to the kitchen to get a glass of wine, he pours the drinks, kisses me then stands back to admire from a distance. He makes me feel pretty with his comments, he adores me with his eyes and smile.

He comes close to me, kissing and tracing my curves with his hands, then it starts, the teasing. He has learnt quickly. He pulls away when I lean in for a kiss, he makes me ache for him.

He tells me to stand against the wall. I'm being good following instruction, I press my hands against the wall as I know I'm receiving and it isn't my opportunity to touch him. He leans in close, pressing himself against me, his hands reach under my dress and he caresses and drags his nails over that flesh between my stocking tops and panties. His reach moves round to my bum, he grabs handfuls of soft flesh and squeezes, slightly parting me as he does so, I feel my juices that must of been building up escape to my panties.

We enjoy another drink and he tells me to listen to his full instruction, earlier I'd been too keen. He tells be to turn around and lean, not bend against the bench. I do as I'm told,he pushes up behind me, pulls my hair aside and kisses my neck. He removes my cardigan and wraps his arms around me pulling us so close together then lifts my dress to explore with his hands and then his mouth the exposed flesh. He feels how wet I am, my thighs are also wet. I'm so aroused and needing him to be inside me.

He turns me round and traces his fingers over my panty covered pussy, I'm pushing onto him but ti no avail.

He tells me to go upstairs.

I've sat down on the corner of the bed but when he joins me he tells me to stand. He slowly undresses me, I'm stood before him in my underwear and boots. I feel adored once more as he looks at me. He is delighted with underwear choice.

Holding me tightly knowing how vulnerable I was feeling and then slowly released my bra, stripping me naked one item at a time. He tells me to lie back on the bed, removing my boots and stockings, moves between my legs and pauses. This was the moment he had been teasing me for, he wanted me so wet, he wants my scent, my taste, me.

YSL licks and tastes me through my panties, he kisses me and I'm also aroused by my own taste and scent on him. He tells me to stand up and he glance towards the window. I stand holding the ledge and wait for the unknown.

Suddenly he pulls down my panties and has me step out of them. He starts to suck my juices out if them, I move to kiss him as he does it. He spontaneously crams the wetness into my mouth, I'm partially gagged on my damp panties and his kisses me over them. Its so intense, so arousing.

He moves me to the bed and tells me I'm going to cum. He tells me my first orgasm is to be on his tongue so he can continue to drink me in.

Before the first lick he holds me open and inspects my clit, commenting on how thick and swollen she already was. Then he devoured her.

His combination of licking, sucking and fingers has me writing in minutes and dutifully I cum for him.

Part 2 coming soon :)

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