Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Update! just had birthday wishes in from Dutch! (sighs)

I asked for the gift of pictures of you masturbating over the blog and you gave generously! Not enough ladies though so I do think you should getting the camera out as I know you play :)

A few more pictures might appear later so pop back and see who else has been playing and its not to late to send me a birthday pic!

As I write this post I have my bullet nestled between my lips gentle teasing me. Im salavating at my mouth and soaking my panties, im not going to allow myself to cum until Ive finished. Apologies for spelling mistakes and other typos, too horny to ive a fuck :)

From a swing friend :)

From with a special note: happy birthday my cum guzzling slut :) p>

The next few from my tweet and blog buddies:

Simply delicious thank you ANON x A blog fan and whilst he is anon to you guys I love that he has taken the time to do this for me.

I masturbated to your image at work, Slipped condom over my erect cock, pulled up your photos, stroked my hard cock thru my jeans and came hard in my office. The second photo is the proof Love it!

This one is the tall guy Ive been wanting to meet again, we had lunch a few weeks ago and at the end of it he made me cum and then took away my panties. Well as you can see we now know were the panties are and what was done with them. He has an induldgent day of passion planned for a belated birthday gift.I look forward to being unwrapped and played with.
Libidinous Man

This is what is in store for me with the therapist.... all the details and pictures on friday and will share one picture to tease you on my HNT and OHNT.


  1. hot birthday wishes u got there :)

  2. Glad this was such a memorable birthday for you, your fans sure appreciate you ;)

  3. Nice Nasty Naughty Birthday to you Yummy!


    1st pic - I like what your friend has to offer.

    As went through the pics, I recognized that we have a few of the same friends ;-) :D

    H, dontcha just love him! He's so thoughtful. But seriously I want to put a cam in that man's office. Does he ever work?

    Ooh. I like the guy stroking with your panties. Yes, indeedy so does he! (that's a gusher!!)

    When I see what therapist has in store for you, I kinda get scared :o


    You have such fun ideas.

  4. Sorry I haven't been around as much is throwing curveballs right now!

    Some very delicious birthday photos you've gotten! I hope it was joyous! You deserve so much happiness!

    Thinking of you...

  5. Wow, some nice cocks to oogle and fantasize about. I can't believe there is only one woman, but I guess that makes her special.
    Happy Birthday you sexy lady. You have a great day.


  6. My, my, my! You did get some fabulous presents!

  7. Your birthday is two days before mine. :)