Thursday, 28 January 2010

aching for him

He is boarding the plane as I type this, I can feel the miles starting to mount and the distance again. I hate this bit, 4 days of bliss together, amazing sex and such intimacy and now nothing.

Other than the children it will be weeks until anyone even holds me let alone make me tremble.

So last night.... both in late from work, i got there just before him and got showered. He arrived in and we lay holding each other for an hour, talking... we had an issue... I think its all sorted now but only time will tell, we both ended up with tears streaming down our faces. We both know we love each other and don't want it to end but i think we are both afraid of the distance and the time apart.

We retired to the bedroom to lie naked and hold each other, the raw emotion of the earlier upset ended up being the catalyst for some passionate sex.

We were spooning as his hands started to wander, his big hands taking hold of my nipples and rolling and twisting them until it took my breath away, I have a high pain threshold and as ever I love to push it and he knows it. I start to touch myself as he turns me one but he took both my hands in one of his and held them, told me I needed to wait till he was ready. He pushed himself inside me in one fluid movement pulling me so hard onto him and not letting me move an inch.

He pushed the bullet vibe (god i love them!) between my pussy lips and again held me firm and fucked me so hard.

He wouldn't let me cum again, pushing me to my very limits but not pushing me over the edge. He withdrew and sat before me and pushed his clenched fist deep inside me and turned up the bullet to full speed. i stuck 3 fimgers in my ass and within seconds I started to cum, squirting over him.

This morning was when we upped the stakes so to speak, fingering my pee hole while fisting me, I came so much the cum sloshed out of me when he finally withdrew his hand. He came in my shoes and place them on me when I was ready for work. I could feel it through my toes all day as i sat with my stinging ass, raw cunt and a very very pleased smile on my face.

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