Sunday, 24 January 2010

origional plan

Looks like he will find me asleep purely because I'm still up partying. Been having a wii night! Have won 12 out of 12 dance off's and remain champion hoola hoop! I consider that me prep for the next 3 nights, what else comes close to how many hip thrusts I will do?
I'm drunk and no doubt in the morning I will be hung over when faced with 3 kids wanting pancakes and before 7am.
Haven't started to pack except for toy bag has made it out the locked filing cabinate. New undies are hidden and need to pack work attire to stop hubby being concerned, mind you I doubt he would notice if I was hit by a bus at the min. Best friend even commented that she hadn't seen me and him speak tonight other than through the kids..... Ask daddy if he needs another drink etc...
We are just sharing space, for those that think I'm a bad person for having an affair my excuse is we haven't had sex for year dispite my begging, despite him laughing when I've come down stairs in the corset heels and stockings. I've tried it all, nothing has work so I salvaged myself and realised I might be worth something. I might be worth a second glance.
I still love him,spent over half my life with him, he just doesn't see me anymore.

Less than 20hrs till I'm seen by him, no longer invisable, I'm going to be a whole person again for r nights, 4 days.....

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