Monday, 25 January 2010

wow, ouch and mmmmm

What an amazing night. He woke me from my hangover nap with a kiss. Plane was early so he beat the alarm I'd set so didnt have time to check make up or druel. He seemed pleased, the physcial indicator was very very apparent. Havent seen he since 1st week of december but it was like we had only been to work that day.

If you knew what we are like you would think there would be nothing more kinky we could do but we did, I will look back on last night with a fond and dirty smile. He says im amazing and everything he could ever want.... I translated that too im a dirty filthy whore in the bed room that caters to his foot fettish and every other kinky urge he might have.

Especially as he had managed to work his foot into my cunt then my ass.

So despite another night no sleep im sat in office clinging on to the desk and a can of redbull for life with a tender and happy ass, damp panties and an urge to start again. thank god i have him for another 3 days.

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