Friday, 22 January 2010

filthy mind

It seems that he has a plan that fits with my thought of being woken by him.

Saturday is still between us and I have a day of busy domestic rubbish followed by a mad night with a good friend and the kids. Pizza wine and dancing always make a good mix.

Sunday morning im sure will be full of a hangover but managable because of excitement. I plan to leave for my 'business trip' just after lunch and get to the apartment via food and wine shopping. I need the carpet picnic, an essential ingredient for any all night sex session. wine, cheese, italian meats and good bread always go down a treat!

I will spend the afternoon pampering, having a bath, doing feet.... he has a foot fettish so very important.... mind you I think I have one too!

Anyway back to the plan.... he plans to see how many fingers he can get inside me with out waking me... and lets face it I'm not going to wake up until I think there is enough!

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