Friday, 29 January 2010

so aroused

1st day of the sex drout, I'm aching to be touched by him. Nobody else does it the same, the way he holds me so tight, the way he makes me feel so small against his height.

We had talked about me enjoying a woman while we are apart and it's hanging in my mind and making me aroused again. He wanted to see me with a dominant woman who would fist both my holes and tease me on his behalf on camera. I don't think its something I want to do, I've enjoyed fem fem but always been left with the ache for a man.

Id love to surprise him though to flick the cam on and for him to be greated with the sight of me being fisted. His face was a picture and his cock was so hard the day he turned the cam on and I was fucking myself with my shoe!

Off to demonstrate ability as domestic goddess and mother of the year....


  1. Okay...hello, young lady. I was told to come visit you, that I'd like it.

    She was right... now please come read me when you get the chance. I want to get to know you.

  2. I am glad I was right that Ron would enjoy your blog.

    I also think you would like his too.