Friday, 22 January 2010


Been 7 weeks since I've seen him and I'm so excited I get 5 days with him.

The last time we locked ourselves away for 4 days, with only brief interuptions for work and more wine. Was hard parting as we knew it was going to be nearly 2 months until we got to see each other again, our longest ever. Add Christmas into the mix and its been hell.

Just got delivery of new underwear, Goks new leopard print set, should be a sexy treat. Just hoping the stockings i ordered are long enough!

Things have got so heated sexually the past few days on phone and msn, we are so aroused, I can only visualise the wild and passionate sex that will happen on Sunday. Ive decided to stay in bed to greet him instead of collecting from airport. I might even have an afternoon nap and let him wake me mmmm I love to be woken by him penetrating me and lets face it it might be the last sleep I have for days!

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