Saturday, 30 January 2010

3251 miles apart.... aprx

Never been so far away and need him so close. We spoke twice today as he flew away from me. I hate the initial few days after we have been together it feels so raw, I feel so invisable. Kids have been so affectionate tonight, it's like they know I feel so alone yet I'm sure i cover it so well.

Missing the sex as well, havent touched self today, havent been alone long enough. Hoping when he lands and gets to hotel he will get online. Hope he will make me cum for him, I want to cum for him.


  1. Then do so. Offer it. Have him simply listen. Talk to him as you pleasure yourself. Let him hear your growing hot as it takes you to orgasm. And then when you cum, shout his name.

    Works for me...:)

  2. Havent seen him yet, only a txt to say he is safe.... so i came for myself instead x