Friday 30 December 2011

Part 14 - Cap D'Agde, Last night at Cap D'Agde

The last day in France but we knew it was going to be an epic day!

We packed in the morning so we could relax the rest of the day, armed with a picnic, bottle of wine and beach equipment we took our last walk along the beach. We stopped at the point just 3 days before he had said he loved me for the first time, soaking up the view and reflecting on the week so far.

We set up camp and before long YSL is inside me and we slowly make love, just connected as we enjoy the sights and each other, keeping to ourselves but enjoy the audience. His cock inside and the slow stroking of my clit has me climaxing, the first of many for the day.

He lies back and I sit between his legs taking his cock in my hand, in seconds he is hard again for me. Without any intention of letting him cum I enjoying wanking his cock, I see people watch, i enjoy seeing some admiring looks at YSL's magnificent cock.

We change position to take advantage of the view of my lookalike and slowly fuck again. The couple opposite who had been in sight most of the week admiring our play were enjoying the view, we envied their bed set up, Noted for next time!

Its 4pm and the sex starts getting more lively on the beach, groups gather but we enjoy the more descrete couple action especially watching a couple fuck slowly, the woman riding him, seeing his juice coated cock moving in and out. I loved the moment he came, both bodies stiffening and you could see the passion and connection between them.

After another hour of slow sensual play the beach starts to empty. We pack up, taking a swim in the sea as we head back and soaking up our last sunset and knowing we have had the most amazing week, not just the sexual adventure but that we had cemented our relationship. I take a handful of shells back from the place where he had told me he loved me.

We enjoy dinner together, I've never felt closer to him, in between the conversations in the silence so much is said with our eyes and smiles, music is playing and every time we move past each other we sensually touch as a minimum or use the excuse to kiss.

Dressed in my sparkly bra, slip, heels and a smile we head out for our last night in Cap D'Agde. He looks hot, he always dresses sharp and I love the way he looks at me and kisses me so deeply as we walk to the club, like he's proud of me, I feel like he wants no one else in the world but me.

We pay at the door and order a full bottle of Ballentynes to be at our disposal. I sign our bottle 'yummy' and wish we could use the camera but both of us wont forget anything of this holiday let alone this cool iconic moment.

We drink in the atmosphere as Europe's sexy fills the place. The club is as lively and amazing as our first night here. The poles are full of young nimble scantily clad girls all dancing to the thumping beats DJ Jules is throwing out. Forgetting the sexual nature of the club upstairs right now is an amazing cool place to be.

A Latin looking woman is on the prowl I think she is looking for fems to play with, her partner watches from the bar. She reminds me of a beautiful vampire, she is dressed in exquisite leather dress and boots, clearly all hand made, she kisses one of the pole dancing girls and looks back to her partner for approval, he must be pleased as the dance changes pace and they are grinding hard against each other.

Our attention is taken by another intriguing pair that have arrived. She's on a lead, both dressed in leather, a sexy masque on her, they walk through the place like an act from Cirque du Soliel. She is so sexy, it's like a living piece of art as we watch them she moves almost serpant like but he is commanding every move theatrically. She throws herself backwards and curves towards the ground right before us, her master pulls on her lead and pulls her back up, it's so sensual yet extreme.

The music takes over and im miving against YSL at the bar, he takes my hand and move to the dance floor. We dance in a euphoric state, laughing and loving every moment, knowing we are living a moment so many only fantasise over.

Next we head down the rabbit hole to the sex rooms, watching for a moment before heading into the grope room. It's already busy, we push past many dark silhouettes and stand close while our eyes adjust to the darkness and our hands reach out to discover bodies together. We kiss each other as we caress a stranger, hands appear on me and I adore the sensation as YSL holds me close, lifting my skirt so there is no mistaking intent. We take our pleasure, i drop to my knees and suck YSL's cock but it starts to get too crowded so we make our own space in another room. YSL tells me to lie on the bed and he thrusts his head between my parted thighs as i lie back, he has me moaning with pleasure in minutes. People are watching us from the door way and viewing windows, I glance and see couples being aroused by us which in turn arouses me. He tells me to move round, I know he wants my cunt on view for the voyeurs. He proceeds to fist me until I'm cumming hard. A couple enter the room and the woman starts to caress my breasts and leans in to kiss me. I respond and she unzips her partners pants and presents his cock, not what I was expecting but I go with the flow of the moment. I try to re involve her in the pleasure but the penny drops that she is the hired girlfriend for the night, you can't get into Le Glamour as a single. He had a nice cock and I enjoyed the moment of being centre of attention and it amused me that I was doing for free what she was being paid for.

YSL thoroughly fucks me over the bed before we return to the bar and soak up more of the atmosphere. We head to the outside bar with our drinks and people watch for a while. The crowd tonight was different to the previous Saturday, no less in quality or quantity just different sorts, perhaps more tourists.

Back down the rabbit hole for more fun we head back to the same room and enjoy ourselves again. A couple bravely enter the room and indicate they wish to join us. They were German. She was a well stacked woman in her late 40's and her husband the same but notably short! Again we rolled with the moment and ended up naked on the bed with them. I had no interested in sex with the male but allowed him to touch and play with me. His wife on the other hand was literally squealing (and snorting) like a pig, cumming and squirting as YSL showed her how it's done. As she finally came she nipped and clawed at us, both of us not welcoming it. To repay the compliment she proceeded to give YSL the hand job from hell... 1,2,3,4 stop 1,2,3,4 stop it was like she was doing CPR, the language barrier failed us as we tried to move things along and it ended with them wishing to meet us on the beach the next day. We smiled and agree knowing we would be safely on a plane!

We head to the room that had scared us the previous Saturday. We braved the dark to enjoy some solitude together. In the pitch black we lay together firstly laughing at the previous experience then conversation moved to us, how special this experience had been, how secure in each others feelings we felt. Just at that moment someone joins us in the room, I know this as a cock is placed in my hand. I whisper to YSL, I don't know whether to giggle, scream or wank it!

I encourage YSL to trace along my arm and feel it. We both hold the cock a moment then the stranger in the darkness can be heard unwrapping a condom, he moves between my thighs, YSL is holding me as he checks the strangers cock for condom and holds me open for him. We had talked/fantasised before the holiday about such a circumstance like this on the beach, but right now in the darkness, the not knowing who it was but being fucked by the ultimate stranger, deep and hard, while feeling so deeply loved, it was so erotic. I've never felt more his, ironic perhaps but it's how it felt and it made it so heady.

The stranger climaxed and departed leaving me a quivering wreck in YSL's loving arms. We lay there together in awe of what just happened.

Back upstairs we spent the next 20mins guessing who it was on the room... He had a shaven head and a shirt collar he was tall and muscular.. It described half the room and added to the arousing 'who done it'.

After more drinks and dancing we headed to the BDSM area and I climb on the medical table. YSL takes his time eating my cunt before starting to fist me. I'm so lost in the moment I don't see that next to us is a foursome in full throng. YSL brings it to my attention before fisting me till my juices could be heard clattering off the stone floor.

We head to the room from earlier and thoroughly enjoy each other, we notice how quiet it's getting, YSL jokes that the tourists tonight have no stamina, just then one of the security guys indicates the club is closing, it's close to 6am! It is us with too much sexual desire and stamina.

We walk back along the beach in the water, capturing every last moment of the holiday we can get. Back at the apartment we shower and talk, the night had been so hedonistic and potent, we were giddy with the excitement of what had happened. YSL reminds me we still had one more night of the Holiday left back in England and so much more beyond that.

An hours sleep was about all we managed before the alarm went off, YSL had the coffee on before I'd even opened my eyes, we cuddled while it brewed before YSL led me to the beach, coffe in hand, naked, the sun was just rising, we stood together with our feet in the Mediterranean, sipping coffee watching as the sun rose above the horizon. I was tired, mid sobering up but so pleased we did it. We kissed and he pulled me in close, telling me how much he enjoyed the trip and me. I could feel tears well up inside, I felt choked by this moment, knowing the holiday was coming to an end but feeling like it was the start of something else because how secure I was feeling in our relationship.

I felt so loved.

Click here to see inside the club and highly recommend listening to the music.

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  1. A beautiful ending to this saga, with equal portions of romance, bathos (the Germans) and arousing excitement. What makes it special is how your love underlies it all, giving you the freedom to partake in the nightly sexual banquet at the club while secure in the knowledge that YSL will be there for you when the sun rises.

  2. We agree with Hardin! Such a perfect ending! The connection between you and YSL is evident in everything that you write, but especially so here. That he brings you such stability and love is wonderful; everyone should feel as wanted and desirable as he makes you feel. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your Cap D'adge adventures, and can't wait until your next holiday together.