Monday, 19 December 2011

A weekend together and the dungeon (part1)

I got to YSL's mid morning and after a few minutes of sorting stuff out we head upstairs with coffee.

That moment of full body to body contact, as we pull each other close is such a wonderful moment that I always ache for when we are apart.

He pushes open my thighs and slowly masturbates me. Taking his time, just enjoying the teasing, I'm moaning and my body is undulating in his arms. He naturally speeds up as I get closer and my body urges him on until he realises and slows back down. My orgasm starts to build and as I cum he holds me firmly and has me writhing in his arms.

(the video of the fisting we did is here)

I hold his cock, it's so hard for me, I adore that he is in such a state without me touching him. I move between his legs and enjoy admiring his cock with my tongue, licking it entirely and threatening to suck him but making him wait. I enjoy kissing the tip and tasting him, now teasing myself because I want him inside me. I engulf his cock in my mouth, I makes him gasp and moan as I take it deep and hold it there. His cock literally throbbing in my throat and tiny droplets of precum seep into my mouth arousing me further.

I move back up the bed to kiss him and he pushes my legs part again and we mutually masturbate each other. Slowly, kidding each other, pulling each other close until we are both shuddering together and covering each other with cum.

I bend over YSL's knee, my bottom there for the taking, firstly the glass paddle, he strikes once and I remember the intensity of the thudding it gives. He stops and says he has an idea and leaves the room. He returns with a bucket of ice and bathes the paddle in it. Chilled, he circles my bottom and delivers another thud then holding the paddle on my bottom as the burning sensation fills my skin. I take another half dozen strikes and my cheeks and already throbbing. He stuffs the cold paddle deep in my cunt and rubs ice on my skin with his now free hand. He strike me again, I pull away it's too much but I still want more, YSL reads me perfectly and holds me firm and delivers another and another.

Next was the flogger a thorough lashing rained down on my soft full cheeks, I felt the burning sensation increase making me even more sensitive, the tails of the flogger now and then catching my cunt lips making me flinch and writhe, not to mention making me more aroused.

He slowly strokes my bottom and thighs, lovingly and affectionately, until I regain my composure. He tells me to lie on my side and he pushes his cock into my soaked cunt. Long hard deliberate strokes, he pushes in deep and holds me open so he is as deep as possible, connected together as much as we can be. His cock feels so swollen inside me, my cunt lips registering every impact of his balls, the moisture from my arousal adding to the stinging sensation from the flogger.

I cum hard on his cock, he fucks me as my cunt grips him tight and my body stiffens. He has me in such a state I want to cum again before he does, I reach for the Hitachi and push it against my clit but far enough back to catch his cock gliding in and out of me. I know I'm going to cum again and I feel his cock swell and ready to give me my cum.

We fall asleep in each others arms for an hour or so and I wake being held by YSL, I'm smiling before I even open my eyes. He pulls me close and takes hold of my clit, his hardness already snaking its way inside me. We fuck slowly until I'm climaxing again, we swap positions, I move behind him, my strapon in place, I lube his hole and ready him for penetration. As I push inside its too much, I pull back slowly then encourage him to push back. We slowly move together but it becomes too much again so I pull out entirely and work my fingers inside slowly and gently. As he relaxes again I get our new sex toy, it's cold so I push it inside my cunt a moment to warm. I place it against his hole, I apply gentle pressure and his ass takes 2 of the notches, he gasps and I bite my lip as I enjoy the visual delight.

He takes another notch of the metal prostate massager and I grasp his solid cock and wank him hard while tempting his ass with another notch. I holding him close, our bodies air tight as I give him as much pleasure as I can. We change position and I lie with my head on his thigh and ask him to wank his cock for me, I want him to cover me. I remove the toy and push on my fingers, I want full contact with him. As he gets close to coming I ask for him cum, I open my mouth ready for him to shoot it, it squirts out like a fountain.

We dress and head to the club, both excited as the dungeon is open and want to see how it compares/contrasts with Clair Obscur. The club is quiet, this close to the Xmas party nights seems to see a drop in numbers. We head to the dungeon and explore it alone.

There are floggers, whips, crops all shapes, sizes, some home made, all round the room. The furniture was as I'd expected and hope, spanking benches, medical tables, wheel and lots of anchor points to tie your wench up!

We try a few of the whips, not in a play sense, to see how they felt and plan to return back to the room a little later.

We headed back up to the play rooms and enjoy each other, a few people stop to watch but no one we want to invite to join us. I'm highly aroused after the afternoons play, my skin sensitive for the spanking and flogging, every touch seems magnified. I'm a quivering mess and loving it.

We can hear spanking ... To be continued :)To see more of the new anal sex toy we played with visit


  1. ". . . he pushes in deep and holds me open so he is as deep as possible, connected together as much as we can be." I love those moments, especially after I have sensitized my lover's ass with flogging or spanking. Mmmmm.

  2. Despite the vividness of your account, it's no substitute for actually being there! Someday we must join you!

  3. can't wait for part 2, and to think i missed being part of it! Club is so on our to do list for 2012

  4. I have that glass toy, I hadn't thought of putting it in ice, hmm...