Tuesday 28 February 2012

In room entertainment #yummyontour

We checked into the new hotel, the previous night had been just a travel lodge (motel sort) but tonight was luxury. We both had a little work to complete but I got mine done first and headed for a shower. Whilst Id had a shower before we left the other place YSL had also fucked me and covered me in cum.

Still damp from the shower I lay back on the on the bed naked in full view of YSL who was sat at the desk in the corner of the large room. He was chatting on the phone and I was slowly masturbating myself.

I totally switched off from the conversation and got lost in my own thoughts that centred around the night before passion, being held so tenderly by one man while being made love to by YSL. I was slowly moving around on the bed as my body undulated with the pleasure. YSL stood up from his desk and wandered closer to me whilst still engaged on the call. He smiled approvingly at me and admired the view. The phone call ended and he lay next to me on the bed and asked me if I had climaxed yet. I hadn’t, Id kept myself on the edge and hadn’t cum as I wasn’t sure of being quiet and didn’t want to be heard on the call. I ask YSL to finish me. He reaches his fingers into my wet cunt and then takes hold of my clit, its so hard and swollen from all the previous 2 days playing and pleasure, its almost too sensitive but I adore how every touch is amplified. He takes hold of me and kisses me so hard and deeply until he has me cumming and soaking his hand and the bedding.

We open the wine and lie on the bed together and browse the internet for some potential in room entertainment for the afternoon. The club doesn’t open until after 9 and we have 7 hours of the sumptuous surroundings to take advantage of.

The bi 3sum hadn’t happened the day before as planned and we both fancied trying to find a bi male to join us. We post an advert on the swingers site and take off the ban for single makes t contact us. The messages flood in and we quickly filter them by our preferences and if the are verified as genuine people. Work get it down to 3 we like the look of, non of which have bi on there profile but after a quick chat 2 confess they are and the other we never got round to asking as he was already on his way to us. We moved to the bar to meet our entertainment and enjoyed a few drinks, we were both in good spirits if not a little bit more than tipsy!

Stu arrives. At first glance Im a little disappointed but after 2 minutes of conversation Im happy and comfortable with our choice. He was about 5’10”, blonde, unshaven, casually dressed with messy surfer type hair, about 30ish. He had a cute smile and very articulate which is a huge plus point for me.

We had forgotten to organise our code words and figured our joke code word banana would be wrong to use at this moment so i just go for it and suggest we go to the room. My sexual entourage followed me into the lift.

In the room the guys sit on the bed and Im sat on the chair, the music from Le Glamour is playing in the background and Im getting rather aroused. I excuse myself as the guys are chatting about our trip to Cap D’Adge and head to the bathroom. Id placed a sexy black see through chemise in there before we went downstairs. I stripped and slipped on the chemise and returned to the room and sat back in the chair. YSL gave a smile that said I looked good.

When i left the room YSL had been talking about the BDSM club and it seems it had moved onto our interest in cropping, Stu had never done it but had expressed a curiosity for it. YSL instructed me to bend over the desk and handed Stu the crop from our bag of sex toys we had brought on tour. I turned to Stu and said “I will give you a number 1 – 10 each time you strike me, so you know how hard or soft it feels”

“which way round? Is 1 hard or soft”

“10 is too much, 9 is near my limit don’t push anymore, 8 is good....”

“ok” he says and strikes me quite hard for someone who has never done it before.

“7” I say and flash a smile at YSL how is sat back on the bed stroking his cock.

“9, fuck that stings”

He hits me firm again “9” the next one is too much and if it was YSL it would of been perfect “10” I know Im getting so aroused as I can feel a trickle of juice run down my thigh. He continues and gets my bottom so very tender and my cunt aching for more pleasure. He drops to his knees behind me and begins to rub my clit and work his fingers into me. Before long he is fisting me and Im about to cum, my eyes are locked on YSL who is enjoying the entire view whilst appreciating slowly wanking himself.

I move to the bed and YSL lies behind me while Stu continues to masturbate me, his cock is hard and YSL directs me with his eyes that I should suck him. I take hold of Stu's cock and slowly wank him first. YSL moves to the chair and I watch him while I tease the tip of Stu's cock. The thought goes through my head that I wonder if Stu realises he is just a prop in mine and YSL's pleasure?

I hover my open mouth over the tip of his cock and ask him how much he wants me to take him in my mouth. He is almost shaking with anticipation. I move my mouth further down but without contact with his cock, he trembles with anticipation even more until I suddenly take all of him in, every inch until his cock nestles in the back of my throat, my eyes connected with YSL the entire time.

I suck, tease and wank him until he is close then slow right down, he wants to cum but I'm enjoying teasing him, I edge him a couple more time before I tell him to give me his cum. Instantly as I demand it he spurts over my breasts, the 4th man in 2 days to do so.


  1. This is what happens when I come back from vacation fun...you've been off having your own fun! Can't wait to read how this started . . .

  2. Oh god... *fans self*


  3. Damn, woman! You have the BEST holidays! *whew!*

  4. I so adore living vicariously through your adventures. Thank you for that delicious stab of jealousy!

  5. Sounds like a lovely session, very hot!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  6. Great pictures and update as always. I like this yummyontour thing. You aren't taking a tour of the States are you? I'd buy a ticket for sure.

  7. How did we miss this post? Thank you for linking to it today.