Thursday, 9 February 2012

Youve said on a couple of posts about how you have had a hard week is this your marriage or job or both? And I find rough sex is a great way to get stress relief, what do you like?

I will keep it brief because I don’t want to bore you with the details. The past few weeks I’ve had my Alcoholic Mum living with us and to say its added stress is an understatement. Last night I chucked her out thought after shocking behaviour. Whilst it has resolved one aspect of the stress it opens up and whole load more from worrying about her and trying to get her moved into her new house. Previouslto her moving in this has been problematic and stressful, it’s essentially pulled the entire family apart and she still doesn’t see how she has caused any of it. If you do want to read more of the tough side of things is my other blog.
Sex as a stress reliever? Yes. I find sex extremely therapeutic at times like these but masturbation doesn’t help as I often fail to climax and only add to my frustration. Tonight I know sex will be everything I need it to be, no plan or specific type of sex. My mind wanders from wanting such a hard spanking to almost justify tears, being tied up and used through to just gently love making, being held and having my brow kissed, i just know for certain that I need to be in YSL’s arms.

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  1. The difficult transition is getting from the stressed state to the relaxation that allows you to respond to sexual stimuli. But I think you have mastered that one.

  2. Somehow we were unaware of your frequent inability to climax during masturbation. Not even with the Hitachi? Or do you only use it when you're with YSL?