Friday, 24 February 2012

Gotta give you a round of applause for being 'out there', love it! Was the sex swing uncomfortable?

it was like a white knuckle ride until I managed to relax. YSL helped with that by sticking his face in my cunt and licking me till I didn't care where I was, after that it was like I was floating. it was also a wonderful sense of bondage, whilst I wasn't tied in I certainly couldn't of gone anywhere without his assistance.

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  1. Sounds very exciting! I considered buying a swing for us a few Christmases ago, but it was difficult to determine which was good; obviously as Jill would be suspended more or less in midair, I wanted to get something that was quality and would support her. Unfortunately, I didn't have much faith in the reviews I read online, and as I wanted it to be a surprise I couldn't solicit Jill's help in figuring it out. Obviously this was before we joined Twitter, and before we'd built a following on our blog, and therefore I couldn't simply ask the legions of sex-positive friends we now have for their thoughts on the subject.