Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fucked perfectly

After waking in each others arms ysl slowly stroked my clit until my first orgasm washed over me. His cock was hard already and after taking a moment to admire how swollen and grateful my clit was he moved between my legs and started to fuck me. The next 90mins was spent connected, his cock burried deep inside of me and moving deliberately to give me pleasure. At one point, I was close to cumming he was looking at me in such a way that I knew how loved I was, completely, entirely. I tell him I love him, my eyes well up i mean it so much and his reply verbalises what his eyes have said.

We only pause to change position I lie in my side and he pushed back inside and brushes my hair clear of my face and ear, ready for him to start whispering in my ear. As he talks to me we talk about what might be happening this week, a mmf, me centre of attention, all the pleasure of two men totally focused on me but without any boundaries themselves.

I cum again and as I recover he is already applying ample lube to my other hole and pushes his cock just inside, pausing and making sure i can appreciate every moment of stretching to accommodate his cock. He takes hold of me and thrusts in deep and again pauses, I'm breathless and clawing at the bed sheets as his hardness fills me completely.

He tells me how he is going to fuck my arse while the other man licks my cunt next week, the thought of being that consumed makes me cum again and swiftly followed by YSL growling as he pumps my arse full of cum.

The rest of the day was spent lazily pleasuring each other, not just physically, our discussions are rich and deep in between us, conversations punctuated by orgasms and cuddles.

He moves down the bed a little and takes my breast in his mouth, he sucks and caresses it with his tongue making me moaning and ache for his cock. He switches breast and continues the prolonged pleasure and teasing and tells me to masturbate for him, after slowly stroking my own clit and enjoying the attention of his mouth he pushes the tip of his cock to rest against my clit. My cunt is begging for his cock but the trading is also perfect and just what I need, it's enough to make me cum again.
He turns me over and takes me in spoons position, his cock is the hardest I've felt all day as he pushes inside. I'm soaked and his cock is sliding in easily, I can feel every contour of him as he moves inside me. He picks up pace until I feel him fill my cunt with the warmth of his cum. I was close to cumming and reach for the Hitachi. His cock was still hard and fill my cunt perfectly while the wand pleasures my clit until my cunt grips YSL as i climax and ensure every last drop is squeezed from him.

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  1. I can't properly convey how aroused this post has made us. The account of the sex is powerfully erotic, and the accompanying photos greatly appreciated. It's so vivid in our minds that we feel as though we're there.